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Jumpers for the trendy woman


Fluffy, soft and irresistible: Countless types and styles of women’s jumpers keep the world of fashion on its toes – there are at least as many models as there are body types. The classic jumper types look great with anything and are an essential part of any wardrobe:

  • V-neck jumpers
  • Crew neck jumpers
  • Turtleneck jumpers
  • Long jumpers
  • Jumpers with carmen necklines
  • Oversized jumpers
  • Hoodies
  • Slipovers

Sporty or smart – jumpers can be worn all year round and are welcome companions in winter or on cool evenings.

What kind of jumper for which body type?

Many women are unhappy about some aspect of their body, a round belly or those slightly too broad shoulders. The right choice of jumper can hide any shortcomings, allowing you to always look your best:

  • Body type A:
    This body type has its problem zone from the hips down. Accentuate the upper body and draw away attention from the lower to even out proportions – stripes or patterns are a good idea. If you choose a longer cut, make sure the model has slits at hip height.
  • Body type H:
    Women with a more androgynous or athletic look are best served choosing choose feminine patterns or snug fitting knit dresses for more femininity.
  • Body type O:
    Women with an O-type body shape should focus on their usually very slim legs. Combining oversized jumpers and loose fits with skinny trousers will divert attention from the overly curvy mid-section.
  • Body type V:
    This body type is characterised by broad shoulders and narrow hips. Try to avoid “loud” patterns and eccentric cuts so as to not draw too much attention to your upper body. A-line or V-neck tops draw the eye to the mid section and away from the broad upper body.
  • Body type X:
    The hourglass figure is the ideal image of femininity. Wrap-around jumpers accentuate a slim waist. Snug fitting turtleneck jumpers are also great for emphasising feminine curves.

Ultimately, the kind of women’s jumper you feel and look best in is always up to you. Price and quality also play an important role. Designer labels offer a wealth of top quality women’s jumpers for any taste.

A stylish choice for any occasion

Women’s jumpers are all-rounders all year ‘round. A variety of shapes, styles and fabrics create stylish and comfortable looks for any occasion. What should I look out for when choosing a jumper? Can I wear a casual jumper to a smart evening event? And how can I combine my favourite jumper for an elegant look?

Business – jumpers in the workplace

The quality of the jumper you wear is important if you want to look great at the office. This is not the time and place for pilling or faded sweatshirts! Cashmere jumpers or women’s jumpers made from viscose, on the other hand, are clear indicators of good taste and style.

V-neck jumpers are perfect over a classic blouse. Slim-fitting turtleneck jumpers, on the other hand, are just the ticket under a classy blazer. If you like a more casual look for the office, you may want to opt for a sweatshirt with a pair of suit trousers and sporty shoes.

Casual – jumpers as all-rounders for any occasion

A crew neck, an oversized model or a trendy sweatshirt – sometimes a comfortable women’s jumper can save the day. A cuddly jumper made of soft fabric looks great with a pair of jeans and some comfortable shoes. In winter, a coarse-knit women’s jumper will keep you nice and warm. Cardigans are also a good idea with jeans and a T-shirt: a simple, casual look – you can never go wrong!

At home – comfy and warm

Coming home, feeling great – what could be better than snuggling up with a cuddly soft, comfy jumper? Cuddly cashmere and modern merino wool are materials with great warming properties and perfect for relaxing. Fashionable sweatshirts and trendy hoodies, on the other hand, create a casual, off-duty look.

If you want to look smart and trendy at home, you might choose an attractive two-piece jump set in knit and velour.

Evening wear – always chic and elegant

It would be wrong to assume that women’s jumpers are daywear only: Delicate knitted jumpers can also create stunning evening outfits. A black turtleneck jumper, for example, could be combined with a leather pencil skirt and a pair of classic pumps for a sexy, cool look. If you like turning heads, a V-neck jumper can be jazzed up with a gorgeous necklace or other jewellery.

As a general rule, evening wear should always emphasise your silhouette. Marlene trousers, for example, will look absolutely beautiful with a snug fitting fine-knit jumper. A coarse-knit dress, on the other hand, can be spruced up with a belt around the waist for a more feminine look.

Which materials are suitable for allergy sufferers?

Anyone with sensitive skin or a wool allergy should always read the care label for the material composition. Alpaca, virgin wool and merino should be avoided, to prevent allergic reactions like itchiness or reddened skin. Likewise, fur trim should be avoided.

Make sure to wash new garments before wearing them for the first time. Manufacturing residues that could cause allergic reactions are removed that way.

Natural fibres like linen, viscose or untreated cotton are the best choice for allergy sufferers. Skin-friendly care products are also important: Choose detergents without perfume or fragrances.

The scratchiness test – woollen jumpers for sensitive skin

Make sure to check the care label for the material composition if your skin tends to react to woollen jumpers. Delicate viscose or nylon-blends are the best choice for comfort without nasty itchiness. Cotton and polyester are also free of unpleasantly scratchy fibres. If you can’t go through life without warm knit jumpers, then your choice must be extra soft and delicate cashmere.

Which women’s jumpers are suitable for summer?

Warm woolly jumpers are a must for winter. But what about women’s jumpers for summer? Sure! Lightweight knit jumpers are just the ticket for cool summer nights or a bracing sea breeze. Drape it over your shoulders or slip it on to change your look from one evening to the next.

Linen jumpers are great for summer, because the material has a slight cooling effect on the skin. Silk or fine-knit cashmere jumpers are also great for summer and look super elegant. Bright colours and summery patterns look amazing on your summer jumpers and a are great for cool summer nights.

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