Men's Suits

A dark suit with a white shirt is a classic combination. However, fresh new looks with coloured shirts are also possible with the latest men's suits.

Men's Suits

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Men's suits for the office and special occasions

Suits are the ultimate in men's clothing for the office and special occasions. Read more ... For men always cut a fine figure in an elegant suit. In a suit, all items are made from the same outer material, allowing for an elegant uniform overall look. Men's suits from reputable brands either comprise two pieces (namely a jacket and trousers) or three pieces, and come with a matching waistcoat. The three-piece suit with a waistcoat is even more elegant than the two-piece suit. It can be worn to important business appointments or on special occasions such as weddings. Men's suits are always combined with a shirt in a contrasting colour. A light shirt should be selected to go with a dark suit. In contrast, the shoes should be matched to the suit. A tie – or, on very special occasions, a bow tie or plastron – should be worn with the suit. Complete the outfit with a pocket handkerchief in the same material as the tie. A pocket handkerchief can also pep up an outfit when no tie is worn: set stylish colour accents with a handkerchief in a contrasting colour. Suits also look particularly chic when paired with a shirt with wide, adjustable cuffs. These can be fixed closed with stylish silver or stainless steel cuff links.

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