I have to admit that there are only a few things I like better in winter than in summer, and one thing that immediately comes to mind is the cosy feeling when I wrap myself in my favourite poncho. Especially now, with the changing of the seasons, I happily take out my capes and ponchos. They are exactly right for when it is too cold to go out without a coat and when a winter coat is too warm. Ponchos and capes have deservedly earned their established place in the collections of designers and are an indispensable part of our wardrobes. In autumn, thrown straight on top of a jumper and in winter over a quilted jacket or coat: either way is simply casual and looks great on any woman. No wonder then that there are beautiful, new designs for you to discover this season. Although I already have a couple of these enormous woollen favourites in my wardrobe, I probably won’t be able to resist these new ones this season…

Our top 5 regarding ponchos and capes

Ponchos are native to South America and were initially intended as a replacement for a coat. The idea behind it is very simple: a piece of cloth with a slit for the head. We can now enjoy a great variety of different shapes, lengths, colours, patterns and materials. The simple replacement for a coat has become a trendy original. Here are five of our most beautiful ponchos:

Favourite number 1: The poncho by Looxent. It combines the trendy black and white look with a cheeky fringe, and is made from the finest new wool.

Favourite number 2: The cape by Bogner – the poncho’s little sister – is made from pure baby-soft wool and is therefore particularly fluid. Its style is elegantly discreet and its colour neutral. This makes the cape an ideal companion for completely different outfits and is therefore a real all-rounder.

Favourite number 3: The poncho by Peter Hahn made from the finest cashmere is like a tender embrace. It feels so pleasantly soft against the skin and is so gorgeously warm that you will want to wear it every day. Additionally, we particularly like the softly flowing, wide turtleneck and the cable pattern.

Favourite number 4: This cape by Fluffy Ears truly has it all. The unusual design is a real eye-catcher. The cape has an armhole to slip on, is easy to fasten and does not slide. The mix of new wool and cashmere is another reason why you will fall in love with this key piece.

 Favourite number 5: Here, everything is just right. The stylish shades of grey, the feminine cut, the perfect workmanship and last, but not least, the wonderful soft cashmere: the cape by Fadenmeister Berlin is a true masterpiece and matches perfectly with both a more casual look and elegant outfits.

From now on, you should always have a cape or poncho with you. These lightweight items don’t take up much space and are genuine all-rounders. Just drape around your shoulders and snuggle up. You will love them.