It’s been quite a while since I had my last maths lesson – luckily for me, as I never really liked maths. The same goes for geometry. But that might change now, because this autumn/winter geometric patterns are very much on the curriculum. However, these geometric patterns are less concerned with formulae, and more to do with shapes, dots, lines, levels, perspectives and angles. This has resulted in beautiful patterns such as stripes, honeycomb, pixel patterns, 3D ornaments and graphics that we will find on almost any garment. Thus, even geometry can be really fun!

In addition, tartan will be all the rage. We know tartan as the classic weave from Scotland. These checked patterns are the tradition of clan members. But even without a clan or family tartan, these checks are a big favourite for the current autumn/winter season. Because, although checks have never really fallen out of favour, they are now experiencing a huge comeback on dresses, blouses and ponchos. More strikingly is that the really rough character of tartan is now staged in a beautifully feminine way.  The traditional colours such as green or red are replaced by trendy autumn/winter shades of grey and beige or pastel colour schemes.

Beannachd leat!