The autumn/winter season colour palette includes new colour themes called powdery Winter Blossoms, natural Shades of Brown, intense shades of red, Forest Greens and Blue Temptation. All these beautiful sounding names have one thing in common: they all belong to a fascinating range of colours which are bold and intense without being intrusive or too loud.

The bold colour trend primarily finds its inspiration in nature – where else? The powdery pastels and pinks are based on exotic orchid species. The monumental brown/red combo was inspired by the forces of nature. Vibrant reds represent a warming fire, cool, pure blue as found on an icy winter morning, and the greens embody an enchanting autumn forest. With so many beautiful colours, the location for the fashion photo shoot naturally had to keep pace. This is probably why our Peter Hahn colleagues in the marketing department opted for the Namibian desert to photograph parts of the new collection. Here the light bathes the huge sand dunes, magnificent rock formations and endless wide steppes in ever changing colours. From light beige and deep brown to bold orange-red thanks to the glowing fire of the setting sun. This magical play of light in the desert is something you’ll never forget.

Colour interplay

The label Inkadoro has perfectly mastered the interplay of natural colours. The brand, which stands for thrilling combinations of tradition and design, produces with its sophisticated dip dye colouring technique a wonderful interplay of colours, similar to the famous tie-dyed look. Our newest addition to the family, the label ‘the lovely brand’ produces knitwear made from the finest cashmere in intense, warm colours that gently envelop you like you’re in a cocoon and give you an instantly relaxed feel. With such beautiful fashion prospects, we can’t help looking forward to the upcoming cold season!