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The twinset – little details make all the difference


Twinsets are among the classics of women’s fashion. They are unparalleled in terms of combination options. The set, consists of a shirt and a matching cardigan, is pleasant to wear like a jumper, but is more elegant and offers a lot more flexibility and mix-and-match options.

What is a twinset?

Twinsets have been part of the world of fashion since the late 1930s. They consist of a shirt or a light jumper combined with a cardigan made from the same material - usually featuring the same colour or pattern. Twinsets have been popular staples of women’s fashion seemingly forever, because they are so versatile.

Fine materials and high-quality finish

Top quality twinsets are usually made from the finest yarns. Today, airier cotton styles are also available for warmer days. Knit twinsets made from the following materials and sometimes their blends ensure excellent comfort:

  • Cashmere
  • Silk
  • Virgin wool
  • Linen

Cashmere is about as light and fluffy as it gets. The natural fibre is made from the undercoat of cashmere goats and the name has its origin in the Cashmere region of the Himalayas. The material has reliable warming properties, despite the thin and soft knit. It is therefore ideal for colder temperatures, when a thick knit jumper would not be appropriate. Soft virgin wool is just as warming and it is machine washable. These fine fibres come from the famous merino sheep.

Silk falls beautifully and has a beautiful, subtle sheen – a high silk content has a skin cooling effect in the summer. Silk is produced by silkworms that are originally from China. Owing to special weaving techniques, this materially is also very sturdy.

Linen is another summer yarn; its natural properties make it particularly skin-friendly. Linen grows on the stalks of the flax plant. After the harvest, it is extracted, cleaned and spun much like cotton. Fine linen fabric is smooth and lint-free. It is airy, cool and pleasant especially in hot weather.

The right care

Blends of different yarns, often combined with elastane or synthetic fibres, ensure that twinsets keep their shape better and are easier to care for. Many of these models can be machine washed. It is important that the care instructions on the label are always followed.

Natural wool will absorb odours less intensively than synthetic fibres and they can also be removed easier. A woollen twinset hung up to air out after wear will often make a wash unnecessary.

Delicate items are better suited for hand washing or dry cleaning. Thanks to double backed seams, elasticated hems, high-quality materials and an excellent finish, you will enjoy your new favourite garment for a long time to come.

Far from stuffy

Colour-coordinated shirts and cardigans - bland and boring? Not at all. While the claim that twinsets are “stuffy” is occasionally made, twinsets continue to be unwaveringly successful. Quite simply because they are so convenient, comfortable and versatile. The little details make all the difference. Delicate ajour patterns, knit patterns, fine lace, various collar shapes and sleeve lengths and variations in the cardigans’ buttons and pockets create stylish diversity when it comes to women’s outer garments.

A modern, high-quality twinset with intricate details can be a very impressive item of clothing. Combinations of beautiful, fashionable patterns, attractive colours and innovative styles are used to create new looks that you are bound to enjoy for a long time.

What is the best way to wear a twinset?

For business, a festive function or casual - the possibilities to wear a twinset are endless. You can wear the shirt and cardigan separately or together: with jeans, suit trousers, dresses or skirts. An all new look is created by casually draping the cardigan over the shoulders and it can be further varied by loosely knotting the sleeves. Fashion-minded women may also wish to play with the button bars: open, buttoned or for a particularly smart look only partly buttoned up.

Owing to their understated look, twinsets can be combined with a wide range of accessories: Matching silk or other scarfs, necklaces and bracelets look great with short sleeved models. Depending on the occasion, you can use accessories to modify the effect of the outfit - from casual to festive.

Finding the right fit

A high-quality well-fitting twinset suits any woman. The shirts and jackets are available in so many different colours that everybody is bound to find their favourite. When it comes to the fit, remember that a twinset should never be too tight or too loose. Twinsets look their best when they are softly draped around the body shape. That also makes them the most comfortable. How to measure for a correct fit:

  • Chest circumference
    Measurement around the body taken horizontally at the widest part of the chest.
  • Under bust circumference
    Measurement around the body taken horizontally below the breast.
  • Waist circumference
    Measurement around the slimmest part of the waist.
  • Hip circumference
    Measurement around the widest part of the hips.

Taking measurements is easier with a little bit of assistance. The top lengths indicated in the product descriptions refer to back length. The right size can be easily determined using the detailed size tables for each product.

Blazer or twinset?

Appropriate business attire is a must for women just as it is for men. However, while men can simply settle for a suit and a shirt to look instantly well-dressed, the same type of clothing tends to look too rigid for women. Twinsets are beautiful options for those who don’t feel comfortable in a blouse and blazer, despite their feminine styles, or for those who enjoy a bit of diversity.

A simple, high-quality twinset is perfectly suitable as a business outfit. It looks more elegant than a jumper, yet less severe than a blouse and blazer. A well-fitted twinset is also very comfortable, providing for confidence and a positive aura. Feeling well and well dressed will allow you to focus on your strongest skills - with true style and sophistication - every day.

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