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Cropped trousers

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Women's Cropped Trousers

One of the great things about women's cropped trousers is that they have a hemline which, in most cases, lies a few inches above the ankle. Although this style trait may seem unusual to people who are only used to wearing normally sized trousers, it is fair to say that many women love the distinctive look and – once worn – rarely go back to the full length versions. After all, there are a number of specific benefits that adding a pair of womens cropped trousers to a wardrobe can lead to. In many cases, it is the sheer versatility of a pair of womens cropped trousers that is desirable. For example, they are often smart enough to be worn with a business suit, but are cooling in the same way as a pair of shorts, allowing the lower leg to breathe. This versatility means that they are just as at home on the school run as they are in a more formal situation, like attending a meeting.

Another key benefit of women's cropped trousers, in many stylists eyes at least, is that they have certain slimming attributes by creating a narrowing of the lower leg, visually speaking. This is because they allow the slimmest part of many women's bodies, her ankles, to be shown off. The raised hem of a pair of women's cropped trousers can really make quite a difference in this regard. Finally, one of the chief reasons that womens cropped trousers are popular is that they afford the opportunity to show off a great pair of shoes. Just like a three-quarter length dress, women's cropped trousers can make a pair of shoes stand out.

Styles of Womens Cropped Trousers

There are a number of differing styles of cropped trousers that women wear. These all have certain different features which it is worth exploring in greater depth. One of the most popular versions of a pair of womens cropped trousers is simply referred to as the straight. Straight cropped trousers are fitted over the leg and glide over the body’s lines in a relaxed manner, so they are not restrictive in any way. Over the lower leg, they typically sport a loose and often flared hem, creating what many think of as the classic look for a pair of women's cropped trousers.

Skinny styles of women's cropped trousers are another popular choice, especially for petite ladies. This style offers a slightly more dynamic look than a straight pair. Because skinny womens cropped trousers hug all parts of the leg, they often have an edgier effect and can sometimes accentuate the look of long, slim legs. Although this style of cropped trousers can be worn in casual settings, it is also very much an option for dressier outfits and can easily be worn for an evening out, or for a day at the office. Skinny styles have also become extremely fashionable when worn with bold colours, as distinct from simple, dark dyes.

The so-called boyfriend style of women's cropped trousers are the reverse of the skinny style. These trousers provide a particularly loose style and this fitting is made over the entire leg, although some designers choose to have them taper a little towards the bottom. Frequently, ending with a neat cuff, as opposed to a simple hem, boyfriend trousers are named because they are supposed to be the sort of thing that a woman would 'borrow' from her boyfriend’s wardrobe. Due to their relaxed and informal look, they are best suited to casual settings. However, these days many women are choosing to wear them with a pair of flats and a blazer for a chic outfit that is great for a day out.

Designs of Womens Cropped Trousers

Most womens cropped trousers have belt loops around the waist that allows them to be worn without falling down. However, some don't bother with this design feature and opt for an elasticated waist instead. In other cases, a drawstring is provided around the waist which is then tied in a knot at the midriff. Along with the distinctively higher hem which makes a pair of cropped trousers a pair of cropped trousers, lighter materials tend to be used compared to normal trousers. This is because cropped trousers are favourite in summer, when it is hotter, and lighter materials, such as cotton and satin, tend to be more cooling at such times. Some hems also have a button-down flap or cuff which allows more air to flow to the leg, again a feature that allows the wearer to remain cool.

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