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Women's T-shirts – sometimes casual, sometimes for a business look

A woman's T-shirt is as uncomplicated as this: just pop it over your head and you're good to go. It is no longer only young people's favourite item of clothing, because its incredible mix and match possibilities create an endless number of new looks. When colours, prints or a fancy cut come into play, a women's T-shirt quickly becomes a real eye-catcher.


The different styles of women's T-shirts

The shape is what makes the difference, which also applies to the neckline. Some women feel particularly comfortable in a V-neck T-shirt, other women prefer a T-shirt with a round neckline. If you are unsure, you should try different shirts in different cuts – preferably all in your favourite colour. Then you can quickly decide in which style you feel the most comfortable.

Short-sleeved and long-sleeved women's T-shirts

The T-shirt is named after its T-shape. Strictly speaking, women's T-shirts are always short-sleeved. A women's short-sleeved T-shirt is usually made of cotton, but today there are also T-shirts made of acrylic, polyester or similar materials. It is crucial that the shape still corresponds to a “T“. Anything that has no sleeves is considered a top. Everything that has a full-length button placket and that is made of fluid fabric is a blouse.

The collar and the women's T-shirt

A collar is a nice detail that enhances a T-shirt. Sometimes single buttons are added to the chest, but there is no full-length button placket on T-shirts. The most famous type of T-shirt is probably the polo shirt, which unlike its collarless equivalents, has an elite appearance. If a women's T-shirt has a collar, the collar can also be worn turned up. A collar often serves as a refined detail when a cardigan or jumper is worn over the T-shirt. It stands out and frames the face, and a collar always catches the eye.

Women's T-shirts in plus sizes

Women who wear a plus size should pay attention to a good fit when buying a T-shirt. It is important to accentuate their best parts, for example, the cleavage, while skilfully concealing a little extra weight. The correct cut is responsible for this: depending on the shape of the body, the fabric should, for example, flow smoothly from down the bust, and if you have a beautiful waist, by all means emphasize it. It is important that the design either has a continuous pattern or that the pattern is placed in the right place, such as a print with stripes on the side of the body or flowers around the neckline. A large print in the middle of the body is not usually flattering.

Women's T-shirts in all colours

Women's T-shirts come in all imaginable colours. But how can you make the individual colours work and how can they be combined in a fashionable way?

Basic women's T-shirts: black and white

The absolute classics are black and white T-shirts. Every woman should have at least one of them in her wardrobe. After all, black and white can be combined with almost anything. For women who are unsure of their figure, a black basic T-shirt with a suitable blazer, cardigan or poncho is an outfit that you can wear throughout the year. Women's white T-shirts are especially beautiful on dark or tanned skin. But they also make practical separates for layering or as a replacement for functional underwear under jumpers, sweaters or blouses. The advantage of wearing a T-shirt underneath is that you can take off your sweater if necessary. If the T-shirt is made of cotton, it also protects you from scratchy or itchy jumpers.

Colourful women's T-shirts

If you want to bring colour into your wardrobe, you can opt for a colourful T-shirt. This way, you can introduce a trend colour quickly into your existing wardrobe and turn a more classic outfit into a fashionable eye-catcher. How about strong saffron yellow? Or rust brown? For light skin types, blue and green are a fabulous choice, while red and natural colours look particularly beautiful on medium-dark skin and bright colours are perfect for dark skin types.

Women's T-shirts with prints

The print can be a nice picture, but also wording with a message. Anyone wearing a print should always know what is on their chest. A women's T-shirt with an individual statement, with a band name or with a pattern can also make a very personal touch. It is important where the print is placed on the T-shirt. All-over prints are suitable for most women, a print on the chest or tummy can be flattering, but it can also draw the eye to places that would preferably remain concealed.

Totally casual: women's T-shirts for everyday wear

A women's T-shirt with jeans, chinos or black trousers is always a good choice. There is not much to go wrong when you combine a women's T-shirt with a simple pair of trousers. The same goes for summer skirts. In both cases, the colours of the bottom garment should be echoed in the upper garment or vice versa. A T-shirt makes an ideal everyday companion for at home, for a Sunday in the park or a stroll through town with friends. Unusual combinations can turn a casual T-shirt into a fashionable eye-catcher: in recent years there has been a trend to wear lace underwear over a basic tee or to show one's convictions by wearing a so-called statement T-shirt.

Women's T-shirts for a business look

A women's T-shirt can be chic too! It's the combination that counts: a very popular addition to a T-shirt is the blazer. Especially young women or the young at heart wear this type of jacket every day in offices all over the world. When you take off the jacket, you immediately look more casual, so you can even go to a bar in this outfit after work. A T-shirt for a classic business look with a pencil skirt is also an option. Wider skirts or those with lace details, crazy patterns or patches, on the other hand, are less suitable for business and are more intended for life after work. In the modern world of work, however, the boundaries of what women can wear in their jobs are becoming increasingly blurred. Ultimately, this is a question of the type of work you do and your own courage.

Tip: Shoes are particularly important when it comes to whether an outfit is classified as business or casual: if a woman wears heels with a T-shirt and skirt, everyone will know that she is on a business appointment. Jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt, on the other hand emit a more laid-back and leisurely feel.

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