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Sweatshirts for women as a fashionable everyday favourite

Women's sweatshirts are an integral part of the fashion world. Fortunately, the days when women's hoodies and sweat jackets were only worn while doing sports or for snuggling up on the sofa are long gone. Today, women wear sporty chic sweaters and hooded sweatshirts! They come in countless styles and colours, in feminine or oversized cuts, in plus sizes, with hood and with cheeky statements, fashionable prints or glittering sequins, making sweatshirts timeless garments that can be incorporated beautifully into everyday life.


Casual look for every occasion – when to wear a sweatshirt?

Fashion is more than just haute couture on the catwalk. A casual look is also very popular with women. Sporty, comfortable sweatshirts, women's hoodies and sweat jackets no longer collect dust in the back corner of the cupboard. The office outfit has long ceased to consist only of pleated trousers, blouses and blazers. And no woman is too old to dress in a hoodie either. The latest sweatshirts for women are stylish, sporty, chic and versatile.

Snuggle up on the sofa in style: women's hoodies as trendy home wear

Crisps and a glass of wine or chocolate and a cup of tea – there are many ways to spend a rainy evening comfortably snuggled up on the sofa. Don't forget to wear your favourite hoodie! Sweaters with a hood are made of soft material and ensure maximum cosiness. And because modern women especially love practical fashion, some hoodies also have kangaroo pockets, to keep your hands warm or as storage space for e.g. smartphones.

Those who like a particularly casual look can go for an oversized sweatshirt, because they don't just come in a tailored cut, but also in plus sizes. The oversized look is ultra-comfortable, and small problem areas can also be cleverly hidden. Moreover, thanks to trendy colours and colourful prints, hooded sweatshirts are perfect for making a fashion statement – even on the sofa at home.

Tip: Having a bad hair day? Not in a hoodie! The casual garment goes well with an uncomplicated ponytail. And if that doesn't help, just put on the hood!

Casual at work and in your spare time: sweatshirts as a fashion basic

Blazers and blouses are a must in every business woman's wardrobe – but not on dress-down Fridays. For this, sweatshirts are indispensable fashion basics with which to create a versatile look. If you choose timeless trend colours like black, grey or dark blue and also choose a feminine cut, you can look very elegant in a sweatshirt. To complete your office look, go for trendy slip-on trousers and white sneakers.

Leisurewear should be uncomplicated and comfortable, but by no means boring: sweatshirts are available with a trendy round neck or practical hood, and there are sweat jackets with stylish zips, so you can combine them as you wish. A cool fashion statement can also be made with a cheeky print, bright colours or lots of glitter.

Tip: Not all sweatshirts are suitable for business! Which sweatshirt is right for the office naturally depends on the job. Women's hoodies in the classic jogging suit style are almost always a no-go!

Fashionable sportswear: sweat jackets for a stylish workout

Sport is punishment? Not in the right clothing! Whether you dread working out or not, there's no doubt that having the right sportswear provides a little added motivation. A team player on cold days is the sweat jacket made of soft fleece. These jackets with a full zip keep you warm and mostly have side pockets so that small items such as a mobile phone, keys or lip gloss are always within reach.

Every woman feels comfortable in a classic cotton sweat jacket. No wonder, the choice of colours and designs is almost limitless. If you want to show off your figure while exercising, wear a tailored sweat jacket. For women who want to hide their figure a little while exercising, there are hooded jackets available in an oversized look. And don't worry – oversized doesn't mean being overweight. On the contrary: sweat jackets may intentionally be a bit larger as it is the way to create a casual and sporty look.

Tip: If you want to exercise effectively, you have to be able to move freely. On gym equipment, however, loose sweat jackets restrict freedom of movement. Therefore, wearing a hooded jacket in the right size is essential for a successful workout.

Style favourites: how to combine sweatshirts in the right way?

No woman can do without a sweatshirt these days. Whether you're a young fashionista or experienced trendsetter, the sweatshirts, which can be combined in many ways, are a favourite staple for school, university, work or leisure. But be careful when experimenting with this garment, there are some style rules you need to adhere to!

If you want to create an elegant business look with a sweatshirt, make sure you pair it with pull-on trousers or flared linen trousers as well as chic heels or snow-white sneakers. Would you like your outfit to be a little bit bolder? An ensemble comprising a sweat jacket and culottes with a feminine long-sleeved top and stylish wedges is a real eye-catcher for the office.

Whatever you like is allowed in your spare time and for exercising as long as it is comfortable: jogging trousers, jeans or shorts and a casual top or a colourful T-shirt under a sweat jacket and you've completed your casual style to perfection.

Good to know: Every woman looks good in a hoodie – this casual sweatshirt is an all-rounder for all ages. Sporty sweatshirts in timeless trend colours especially make older women look stunning.

Tip: Denim always goes: classic jeans are probably the most popular garment worldwide and are an integral part of every fashion collection. Denim is available in all colours and shapes and is no longer just fashioned into trousers: skirts, shirts, blouses, dresses – all women love and wear denim!

Denim, the classic blue jeans fabric, suits every mood and is therefore a wardrobe must-have for every woman. Of course, jeans are usually the first choice for a look with a hoodie or sweater. Thanks to their different sizes and styles such as boyfriend, skinny, boot cut or flared, there's a perfectly fitting pair of jeans for every figure.

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