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Womens Roll Neck Tops: The All-Rounders

Womens roll neck tops are wonderful alternatives to the laid-back V-neck T-shirt and the stately silk blouse, and depending on the texture and material, they can be just as suitable for an occasion as either of them or anything in between. The message these tops send out is that you appreciate a stylish look without feeling the need to expose much of the skin, which is a dignified and mature approach to fashion. Yet, that doesn't make ladies roll neck tops any less youthful or alluring than any other piece of feminine garment. In fact, they're so form-fitting and flattering that they make up a great deal of teenagers' spring, autumn and winter wardrobe as well. From crop jersey shirts to chunky sweaters, they can all feature roll necks, and be just as charming on teens as they are on adults.

Womens roll neck tops are so versatile, that when it comes to wearing and styling them, the possibilities are endless. Sleeveless cotton roll neck tops can be worn as an underlayer and coupled with a cardigan in warm weather, while long-sleeve roll neck tops can be worn under a coat on days when the sun isn't strong enough to shake the chills out of winter mornings. They can be worn all year round, keeping you warm, dry and comfortable throughout.

Timeless Womens Roll Neck Tops

Roll necks are also called polo necks in the UK, turtlenecks in the USA, and skivvies in Australia. You can now buy womens roll neck tops online throughout the year, as nearly every fashion outlet stocks these versatile tops in both the spring/summer and the fall/winter seasons. Yet, this wasn't the case a few decades ago.

Roll neck tops presumably date back from the 1400s, when menial workers wore them. It took many centuries for them to catch on, and even longer for ladies to wear them. Various celebrities started to wear these tops in the 20th century, initially as a form of rejecting the tie, which was considered much too formal for work. The ladies then started wearing them as well, especially after the feminist movement adopted the style. Roll neck blouses and shirts are now seen as appropriate office wear , and they can be worn with blazers or vests to the office. The iconic black turtleneck is so clever at making the torso look longer and slimmer, and at bringing out the features of the face, that it a teenage favourite for casual outings.

Ladies Roll Neck Top Outfits

When you order womens roll neck tops online, checking size guides is a good way to avoid returning items. But aside from the practicalities of the online order process, you must first make sure that the tops are fit for purpose. Roll neck tops can be as chunky or as thin as necessary, but a lighter texture isn't synonymous to a formal one. While silk turtleneck tops are suitable for evening wear and formal dinners, jersey or cotton polo necks will probably not be. Chiffon, silk or viscose rollneck tops are usually light enough to be worn with skirts or formal trousers, and they look splendid alongside a clutch and simple precious metal bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Some chunkier styles of rollneck tops can look rustic and outdated, which is why these tend to be reserved for festive occasions, where knits featuring reindeer or snowflake patterns are in keeping with the festive spirit. Wool turtleneck tops are especially unsuitable as formal wear, though they tend to be conservative in look and feel, and are more appropriate for use at home or school. They don't tend to be very comfortable, which is why jersey roll necks are far better for sports activities, camping trips, etc.

While some ladies prefer their materials to be natural and organic, and like to wear cashmere, angora, mohair, fur and other yarns in their womens roll neck tops due to their hard-wearing qualities and traditional look, the fashion industry has advanced tremendously over the last few years. Synthetic blends are now far more comfortable, far less prone to stretching or shrinking, and very delicate on the skin. Allergy sufferers, in particular, like to wear roll neck dresses and jumpers, crop tops and blouses made of synthetic blends, rather than stuffy, wooly tops, which are prone to felting, and can't be washed at high temperatures to eliminate allergens.

Most knit or woven roll neck tops look dazzling with a pair of ankle boots or slouch boots, while jersey and cotton ones tend to look best when paired with wedge sneakers and platforms. Chiffon and silk versions can be coupled with high-heels and Mary Janes, as they tend to be lighter and more formal.

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