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Bikini – this summer's key fashion piece in the spotlight

Summer is just around the corner! But when looking in their wardrobe, some women will find that their bikini is getting old or just doesn't fit anymore. No problem, after all, the new season comes with bikinis in great colours and cuts. But which fit is the right one for which figure? And which colours suit which people? The right bikini conceals imperfections while accentuating the right parts.


Bikini colours for every skin tone

Every woman is different. Since a bikini shows a lot of skin, it is important that its colour matches your skin type. Women with a darker complexion supposedly find it easier since they can wear almost any colours, but there are also beautiful designs and colours for lighter skin. Do you prefer a fancy pattern or simple black and white? Bikinis are available in almost every colour of the rainbow and it is just a question of taste whether they should bright, subtle or feature the latest print.

Elegant bikinis in black and white – timeless classics

Those who prefer a timelessly elegant look usually choose the colours black and white. Black bikinis are really flattering if they have the right cut. However, they are best suited to darker skinned people, since the contrast between light skin and black can be too much. The same applies to white bikinis, which on the whole make light-skinned people look pale. After the first few days on the beach, a timeless classic like a black or white bikini on tanned skin can look very beautiful. Pattern combinations of these two colours are also popular. All of these bikinis have the advantage that they can usually be worn for years and do not go out of style as quickly.

Gorgeous plain bikinis in bright summer colours

What is nicer than greeting summer with the appropriate colour palette? For light skin types, blue and greenish pastel colours are particularly suitable, as these colours remain trendy. Red should be avoided, since they usually make the skin look reddish. Women who have a medium-dark skin can go for whatever colour they like. Whether it's rust brown, red, deep blue or subtle olive green – everything looks wonderful on these skin types. If you like, you can also opt for more subtle, warm colours (such as beige or brown) or go for a bikini with bright details (such as pink and red). Women with dark skin are born bikini wearers. All fluorescent colours (e.g. orange, turquoise or yellow) and metallic shades (such as silver and gold) are really eye-catching against dark skin.

Patterned bikinis attract and distract

Don't be afraid of patterns! Stripes don't always make you look bigger. On the contrary, stripes in the right place can skilfully distract the eye. Patterns are therefore a beautiful means for not just slim women to prove their fashion taste. If dots, prints, stripes and so on are arranged properly on a bikini, such a bikini conceals quite a bit more than its black counterpart. In addition, uniform patterns always distract the eye, while interrupted or scattered prints attract the eye. Women with a large bust can definitely wear printed bikinis with a continuous pattern at the tummy, and cleverly emphasize their cleavage. All in all, it all comes down to colour – and cut.

The right bikini size

There are some bikinis that don't seem to fit anyone. But in order to avoid this feeling in the changing room or in your living room at home, it is worthwhile finding the right fit for your own body type beforehand. First, the bikini should be the right size. If you're unsure of your size, you can have it measured at any time in a lingerie shop or measure yourself at home. The size of the bikini bottoms corresponds to that of other underwear. However, many women unintentionally wear the wrong bra size, so measuring is a good idea. The bra and thus also the bikini top size is made up of the circumference measured below the chest and the cup size (letters A - N). The cup size can in turn be calculated: subtract the band size from your bust size.

Which types of bikini suits which body shape?

Whether a bikini looks good on you greatly depends on its shape. Ideally, the shape supports a woman's figure. We've the following bikini types:

  • Bandeau bikini

    This type of bikini is best for women who have neither a small nor a large bust. This is because its strapless design offers too little support for a large bust and does not create a nice cleavage for small breasts. However, a bandeau bikini does not create tanning lines on the shoulders and is therefore still very popular – especially for those who have multiple bikinis in their closets anyway.

  • Triangle bikini

    Soft straps, sometimes with ruffles or other details. The triangle bikini is more suitable for anyone with a small bust as it creates a nice cleavage. Women with large breasts however may get unsightly strap marks from this type of bikini.

  • Halter neck bikini

    Of course, the triangle bikini is also a halter neck bikini, but the difference with regular halter neck bikinis is that it has thin straps. Regular halter neck bikinis, on the other hand, have very supportive straps and are thus suitable for medium to large breasts. If you have really large breasts choose one with underwires.

  • Bikini with underwires

    The underwires provide support. Accordingly, women with a large bust are the most common underwired bikini wearers. They mostly come in a classic bra cut. However, it is worth looking for a design that combines both: a fashionable cut and underwires. This can e.g. be a halter neck bikini with appropriate support or a design with extra-wide straps that also serve as an embellishment.

  • Tankini

    The type of bikini for everyone who cannot choose between a bikini and a swimsuit. The tankini shows off your legs nicely, but rather conceals the middle of the body. This makes it a good option for women who carry a little bit of extra weight at the tummy. Mostly, these bikinis have tummy control bottoms, which also makes them popular.

Tip: You should feel good about yourself in a bikini. The different types of bikini can help you decide in advance which one suits your body type best. Nevertheless, every woman should be able to wear what she likes and what makes her feel good!

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