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Denim skirts

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Women's Denim Skirts

Womens denim skirts come in very many designs and styles. However, they all have certain design features that are common. For one thing, all womens denim skirts are made from the same robust material as jeans. Denim was first made popular in the United States where a hard wearing material was desirable for the outdoors life. However, denim actually originated in France, specifically the city of Nimes, from where denim gets its name. The twill fabric was also associated with the material producers of Genoa, in Italy, for a time. However, it is probably mostly though of as a material that was worn by people settling in the West, during the colonisation of America.

Although they are often dyed blue, like jeans, womens denim skirts can be made in any colour that you could imagine, from pure white to black, pink and brown. Because they are often worn in the same way as jeans, with similar attire, the majority of women's denim skirts have belt loops at the waist band and rear pockets which are stitched in place with additional sections of the fabric. Front pockets, often featuring reinforcing rivets, are commonplace as well and this feature also harks back to the common ancestry that womens denim skirts share with jeans. Many skirts also sport zips which make them easy to take on and off. However, despite the many similarities that the designs of women's denim skirts often have, there are differences, too.

Types of Womens Denim Skirts

One of the most important factors, when considering women's denim skirts today, is their length. When they started out, denim skirts were designed to offer full leg protection, whatever activity the wearer happened to be involved in, from horse riding to walking through tough terrain. The full-length denim skirt is the oldest style, but soon the garment became a fashionable item of clothing and practical considerations gave way to design ones. Throughout the earlier part of the twentieth century, more and more women were depicted in Western movies wearing denim. As such, the denim skirt really caught on as a fashion item in the 1950s and 1960s. However, as hem lines went up during these decades, so the denim skirt followed. Three-quarter length denim skirts were common in the 1950s and these gave way to womens denim skirts of knee length by the mid 1960s. By the end of that decade the miniskirt was on top, and denim skirts of a daringly short length which fully displayed the wearer's legs were in vogue. However, during the hippy era, full-length denim skirts remained very much in evidence, too. From the 1970s onwards all lengths of womens denim skirts have been available from retailers, each design style catering for a particular sector of the market.

Common Forms of Womens Denim Skirts

These days, you can still find all lengths of denim skirts, but the design options are even more varied. Split denim skirts are now commonplace with a side cut usually allowing more leg to be exposed. Figure hugging denim skirts are also popular, wrapping tightly around the waist and backside, but flaring out toward the hem. Skirts like this, which flare out into a wide panel are often referred to as the peasant or 'boho' skirt. At the other end of the scale women's denim skirts have been adapted as maternity wear. For mums-to-be, denim skirts are usually fitted with an elasticated section at the waist which allows them to be adjusted easily and to accommodate the needs of a growing bump.

Another of the most popular forms of a woman's denim skirt is the A-line design. Flaring out from the waist in a symmetrical manner towards the hem, A-line denim skirts are a design classic which never really go out of fashion. Just as good with a blouse and jacket as they are with a jersey, an A-line denim skirt is a wardrobe essential for many. Another common form of womens denim skirts is the asymmetrical skirt. This is a stylish denim skirt, much favoured by fashion conscious women, which has a hem that is cut at an angle, making it shorter on one side or at the front. They are also often made with decorative panels sewn into them. Finally, some denim skirts are pleated or folded. This creates a feminine look which flatters the wearers hips and pinches at the waist, but allows the rest of the skirt to flow freely. Pleated womens denim skirts are often drawn together at the waist by a belt, one of the denim skirt's most common accessories.

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