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Women's skirt – feminine and elegant

A women's skirt gives every outfit a feminine touch. Women can use it to emphasize their femininity and to express their style. A denim, leather or woollen skirt: what sort of skirts actually exist, and which length suits which body type? Since skirts are an essential part of women's fashion, they come in all shapes and styles so there's a suitable skirt for everyone.


What types of skirts are there?

Whether you like playful skirts or classic skirts, there are lots of women's skirts, which differ in shape and materials. Depending on the occasion and your body type, we've a skirt for every women.

A-line skirt
This women's skirt has the shape of the letter A. It flares towards the hem, but does not swing or flap too much. This cut accentuates the waist. Skirts in the popular A-line shape look gorgeous on women with wider hips.

Pencil skirt
This slim-cut skirt has a close fit. This allows women to emphasize their curves beautifully. Pencil skirts are ideal for a business look. If you wear a loose blouse with this type of skirt and tuck it in the skirt waistband, you will get the popular hourglass look.

Pleated skirt
Long skirts made of firm fabric with folds make the waist look slim. Pleated skirts have many pleats and are ideal if you want to create length. Other variants are women's skirts with one fold or with a few box pleats.

Culottes were originally a trend in the 90s. This garment combines the cut of a pair of trousers with a women's skirt. As a result, the culottes have a wide, flared shape, creating a beautifully feminine silhouette. The wearing comfort of a pair of trousers is not lost. Elegant or sporty culottes make great winter companions if you wear them with a roll neck jumper.

Circle skirt
These airy skirts have a high waist and a flared hem. Thanks to this shape, they have a slightly concealing effect on the tummy. Full-length and colourful or short and plain: circle skirts are available in various lengths and colours, and they flatter all body types.

Pull-on skirt
This type of skirt usually has an elasticated waistband but no zip or buttons. Therefore, these skirts offer a high degree of comfort. They are comfy and can be put on and taken off easily and quickly. This is especially handy when you have a hectic life.

Which skirt length is flattering for which body type?

Whether it's a tulle or leather skirt: its length is important. With the right skirt length, the entire outfit gets an upgrade, while the wrong length has the opposite effect.

Mini skirts and short skirts
In summer, a mini skirt is the ideal piece of clothing to show off your sun-tanned legs. If the skirt reaches just above the knee, it can also be worn to the office. Subtle colours and fine materials are ideal for a business appropriate look. If you don't want to do without a short skirt in winter, choose a denim skirt or a skirt made of wool and wear tights underneath.

Midi skirts
When women's skirts are calf-length or reach just below the knee, they are called midi skirts. They are great for all occasions for which mini skirts are too revealing. Midi skirts stylishly emphasize your feminine side. Elegant midi-length women's skirts can be combined perfectly with blouses or silk tops.

Maxi skirts
Long women's skirts are ideal if you want to cover up your legs completely while still enjoying the comfort of a skirt. Maxi skirts can be worn on almost all occasions and they are also a great choice for older women.

Which type of skirt is suitable for curvy women?

Women with a few extra pounds should choose a skirt in the right size and shape. Curvy women look fabulous in an A-line skirt. Due to the flared shape, the waist looks slimmer. This effect can also be achieved by wearing a belt. Beautiful women's skirts in XL and long skirts in XXL are enhanced by a fitted top or shirt and create a pretty silhouette.

Which skirt conceals the tummy?

If you want to conceal a tummy, both a pull-on skirt and A-line skirt are the perfect choice. Skirts with an elasticated waistband are particularly comfortable when you carry a little extra weight around the tummy. Figure-flattering skirts for women can be combined well with loosely flowing blouses.

Which skirt length is appropriate for which occasion?

Short denim skirts make great all-rounders to wear in your leisure time. They go well with a sporty top or with a pretty blouse. On warm days, short skirts made of linen or cotton are ideal. If you want to cover up your legs, you can also wear a long skirt in summer, but then you should pay particular attention to the lightness of the material the skirt is made of.

For the office or formal events it's important that a skirt is not too short. For these type of occasions black knee-length or calf-length skirts are a good choice. Combine with a blazer or a classy blouse to create an elegant business outfit.

Which skirt goes with boots?

Woollen skirts go very well with lined and warm boots. They come in many colours and patterns. If you like to wear over knee boots, you can also opt for a short skirt made of wool. Summer boots in bright colours look great with denim skirts or skirts made of lightweight fabrics.

Which skirt is chic in winter?

When your wardrobe is full of calf-length and short skirts that you'd like to wear throughout the winter as well, simply combine them with a pair of warm tights. Knitted and wool skirts are also a good choice for winter. Soft wool ensures a comfortable fit. An alternative is leather skirts, which look lovely with warm boots.

Which top goes with a skirt?

If you want to accentuate your femininity with an A-line skirt, wear it with a fitted top. Do you want to conceal your hips? In this case, a loose blouse is the right choice. Furthermore, loose-fitting tops look elegant with narrow pencil skirts, while fitted tops look feminine and attractive.

Mini skirts make a casual summer outfit together with airy tops. For a fashionable look, you can wear a pleated skirt with a fitted blouse. Fitted tops are recommended with culottes and create a beautiful silhouette. In winter, a warm jumper or a roll-neck sweater with a circle skirt is a perfect ensemble to show off your feminine side. Moreover, muted colours are not a must – even in winter you can dress colourfully, for example in a dark green corduroy skirt and a patterned blouse.

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