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Womens Sandals Are for All Occasions

Of all the shoes in a lady's collection, few are as versatile as womens sandals. While they do tend to be used more in warmer seasons, they also work very well with evening wear in colder weather. Because they usually don't cover the foot fully, however, they can't offer protection against the vicissitudes of the weather. Ladies tend to wear high-heeled, open sandals more in the evenings, when they don't need to walk much in between venues. Sandals that don't feature high heels are usually best suited for daywear, though there are various work environments where they are not considered appropriate as they may reveal the toes, such as solicitors' offices, hospitals, and other environments where impeccable hygiene and personal appearance are extremely important.

Womens Sandals Can Never Be Dull

Ladies have a special relationship with their sandals, one that their life partners do not always understand. That's because, unlike many other types of shoes, womens sandals tend to be very colourful and whimsical. These are the shoes that designers can use as canvases to let their creative juices flow and bring spectacular pieces to life, each a work of art in its own right. Their creativity is boundless with sandals because they are summery shoes fit for any occasion. In fact, the more colourful they are, the better, to match the summer dresses they're meant to coordinate with.

There are various types of womens sandals to choose from, depending on design. To begin with, there are open thong and closed-back thong sandals, open toe and closed toe sandals, ankle strap sandals, gladiator sandals, slingback sandals, T-strap sandals, slip-on sandals and mule sandals. Depending on heels size, womens sandals can be stilletos, block heel sandals, wedges, flats and kitten heels, among others. With so many heel and upper designs, ladies are spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for sandals.

Womens Sandals Will Go With Anything

Given the variety of shapes, textures and colours that make womens sandals so versatile, matching them is a fine art. It's not merely a matter of coordinating colours, but also a matter of selecting the right heel size, the right toe shape, the right embellishments, and ultimately finding the ones that offer the amount of comfort needed for a specific occasion.

With flat sandals, for instance, the emphasis lies in the straps, and how snugly they fit around the foot, which invariably will result in a comfortable fit. After considering the fit, there's also the matter of matching colours and shapes with the rest of the outfit, accessories included. Colourful, strappy sandals go very well with bangle, gemstone or charm bracelets, chandelier earrings, gemstone necklaces, hobo or tote handbags, etc., while more conservative, plain leather sandals tend to go very well with dainty, metal accessories, such as pendant necklaces, hoop earrings, studs, chain bracelets, and envelope, bowler or box handbags. Festive occasions call for more eccentric sandals, with higher heels, embroidered or with gemstone adorned straps, to match the clutch bags, the lace or satin dresses, the family heirlooms adorning the ladies' necklines, and the glistening rocks on their fingers.

Womens Sandals Galore

As womens sandals don't cover the entire foot, they may not offer as much support as pumps, mary janes or ballerina shoes. It goes without saying that the most comfortable sandals are made of leather, suede and patent leather, but there are various synthetic alternatives available. PU, PVC leather, vinyl, plastic, rope, microfibre, cotton and many other types of materials can also be used in the making of a gorgeous sandal, each with its strong and weak points.

Some very whimsical patterns can be used to decorate sandals. Animal print, iridescent, polychrome, floral, geometrical and abstract motifs can all be found on sandals, sometimes combined. Womens sandals also tend to feature not only whimsical prints and colours, but also fabulous embellishments. Buckles, charms, sequins, paillettes, beads, pearls, crystals, rhinestones, gems, bows, and many other fanciful adornments make ladies sandals the unique, exquisite pieces of footwear that they are. Whatever their style and design, one thing is certain: they are undeniably feminine.

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