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What are womens loafers and moccasins?

A loafer is a slip-on shoe that does not have laces. It has a slipper shape with a high front and a flat sole and it can also have a small heel. A moccasin is similar in shape but does not have a heel and often includes laces around the side and front, although these are purely decorative. Both womens loafers and moccasins were originally men’s shoes but have become increasingly popular with woman and are now a staple women’s shoe style.

What are womens loafers and moccasins made from?

Womens loafers and moccasins are traditionally made from leather or suede, though they can be found in many different materials. If you choose to wear leather, this can be matte, polished or shiny patent and many leather loafers and moccasins combine different textures in one shoe to add visual interest. For casual wear, womens loafers and moccasins in canvas and cotton are great for beachwear or holidays. Designers are constantly coming up with new and exciting ways of crafting these versatile shoes, from adding studs, bows and ribbons to incorporating cut out areas and punched patterns.

Decorative womens loafers and moccasins

Many womens moccasins and loafers have a strap across the front of the shoe, which can be left plain or embellished with tassels, fringed trims or buckles. A traditional American design that you can buy online or in store is the penny loafer, which has a small opening in the front strap that was once used to hold small coins and earned the shoes their name. These were originally worn with ankle socks and while this look has come back into fashion in recent years, they can also be worn with tights or with bare legs.

Womens loafers and moccasins for casual wear

Flat, comfortable womens loafers and moccasins are the ideal footwear for slim-legged jeans or wide legged trousers, giving a more stylish look than simple trainers or sneakers while still looking relaxed. Wear them without socks with shorter, ankle length straight trousers for a classic preppy look and choose interesting detailing like chain links or buckles to make them stand out. Womens loafers and moccasins are ideal for wearing with skirts and shorts, giving a slightly more neutral and less ‘girly’ edge than wearing heels or sandals. The slight heel of loafers is also more flattering as it lengthens the legs more than completely flat sandals or ballerina pumps.

Womens loafers and moccasins - inventive designs and unusual shapes

Casual womens loafers and moccasins come in a whole array of interesting patterns and designs, from colour-blocking to snakeskin print. They can incorporate all kinds of fashions trends such as animal prints or neon brights, adding a pop of colour to a plain outfit or giving a modern or retro touch.

Womens loafers and moccasins are versatile

The beauty of womens loafers and moccasins is that they can fit well with all sorts of styles. You can go for a preppy retro look with a short pleated skirt and penny loafers or an uncluttered casual look with cutoff jeans and moccasins. Quirky types can give a touch of edge to strappy sundresses by adding a pair of coloured suede loafers or moccasins; perfect for festivals or holidays as they give more coverage than sandals and are far more comfortable than high-heels. They are also a good, safe choice to wear while driving as they are flexible and responsive while operating car pedals; they can be found with rubber soles to give even more grip and safety for drivers.

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