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How to Style Womens Lace Ups

Lace ups are a popular style of shoes and boots and are worn by women, men and children. The name comes from the laces that are the main feature of the style. As the laces are designed to be shown, womens lace ups can sometimes be tricky to assimilate with the rest of your outfit. Here are some six ways that you can successfully wear lace ups:

1. Oxfords with trousers

Oxfords are leather lace up shoes that were traditionally worn by men. Since the 1940s when they were worn by the WRENS as part of their uniform, Oxfords have been worn by women. There are many ways to wear Oxfords; they look smart with cropped trousers, which enable the wearer to display the shoes to the maximum effect. Socks are not usually a good look with this outfit, unless the wearer is deliberately trying to emulate the preppy style of singer Pharrell Williams. Oxfords also look great with skirts and dresses. You could opt for the look of a 1930s librarian. Wear highly polished black or brown Oxfords with tights, a tweed skirt and a hand-knitted jumper.

2. Canvas pumps with Capri pants

Canvas pumps with Capri pants or cropped trousers help to create a summery beach look. Choose canvas pumps in light summery colours, such as aqua or pink with bright white laces, and team with a matching trousers and top for a classic look. A high pony tail is optional but will help to create a carefree 1950s feel. Canvas pumps were originally only worn by ladies when playing tennis. If you have slender legs, you could emulate the retro tennis player look by wearing laced pumps with a short pleated skirt and Aertex shirt. This look definitely has a wholesome classic feel to it, reminiscent of travel poster girls of the 1930s.

3. Boots with a mid calf length skirt

Black lace up boots were worn by young girls and boys from the 1850s onward and are frequently seen in old photos of young people from this era to the 1920s. Today, lace up leather boots look great with a mid calf length skirt, a length which allows the boots to be fully visible. Wear with tights and a jumper in cold weather for a winning combination of warmth and style.

4. Laced heeled boots with skinny jeans

This is the perennial look of a true rock chick. The boots could be leather or suede, the skinny jeans or leggings should be a dark colour. Finish the look with a t shirt- possibly with sequins, a picture or a band logo- a studded leather jacket and a cool hair do. Laced leather boots also look good when worn with a long skirt, although this is a more subtle look than that of a rock chick.

5. Converse boots with a skirt

Converse is the brand that many instantly associate with the skater style canvas boot. Many styles and colours are available, such as low top and high top, which make them easy to wear, although they can be quite expensive. Skater style dresses and skirts made out of a casual fabric such as jersey would work well with this style of footwear. Converse boots have a slightly edgy urban feel, however, and can also be worn with designer clothing or vintage garments. Really, whatever you feel comfortable with! Socks are best avoided with Converse, although trainer socks could be worn with the boots.

6. Doc Martens with a floral dress

Doc Martens are a hard wearing leather lace up boot featuring seams and laces in a contrasting colour to the leather of the shoe. Teaming a masculine, rather chunky boot, with a feminine dress makes an interesting contrast of styles that can be very eye-catching, especially is worn with an unusual hair dye. This look was last seen amongst the grunge and indie scenes of nineties teenagers, which is now seeing a revival. Bonus style points are accrued for finding a vintage floral dress or skirt in a charity shop. This look is not suitable for office wear, but is perfect for a summer festival or camping trip.

There are so many style of lace ups that it is possible to find the perfect pair to express your style, and you can spend as much or as little as you want.

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