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Womens nightwear at a Glance

The gorgeous nightdress, the stately night robe, the playful nightie and the cozy pyjama are all part and parcel of a lady's wardrobe. Where womens nightwear was once part of the bridal trousseau, painstakingly put together by skilled lace workers and embroiderers, it has now become an accessible luxury. Silk kaftans, lace sleep shirt, cotton boxers and silk night robes have even become popular daywear among celebrities. As light and airy as they are, it's easy to understand why ladies wouldn't mind wearing them outside of private quarters. From lingerie to boyfriend shirts, or from the enticing chemise to the simple cotton vest, they all serve their purpose with grace and style.

Womens nightwear for the Sleepless and Sleepy Alike

Womens nightwear can serve many purposes to suit the busy, changing lifestyle of a lady.There are times when the nightwear doubles up as a nursing gown or an under slip for an evening dress, or when the lady chooses to slip into a pair of warm tops and bottoms for an overnight stay, rather than don the satin robe she wears at home. Whatever the situation, nothing but the finest, smoothest and most delicate fibres will do when some good night's rest is desired. Many department stores and high street boutiques retail ladies nightwear, specifically because it's an essential part of what it is that makes any woman a lady.

With more sophisticated fibre blends flooding the market each day, it's all you can do to not find comfortable, dainty womens nightwear these days. Wherever you look, there's a quaint pyjama, a feminine chemise or an opulent nightgown out there to suit your needs. Sleepsuits and other types of thermal garment make up a category reserved for winter wear, while nightgowns, chemises, lingerie and robes tend to go better with the warmer seasons. Whatever the season, though, it's understood that intimate occasions call for lighter, softer materials, and thin, slightly see-through lingerie is usually prefered.

At any rate, ladies nightwear doesn't require much accessorizing. Aside from the odd pair of slippers or moccasins, there's hardly anything that ladies feel compelled to add to their outfit. However, there's always the option to coordinate the various pieces of a nocturnal outfit amongst themselves, or to match the night robe with an eye mask, for instance. Whatever the occasion, though, ladies tend to keep the more revealing and enticing womens nightwear to be enjoyed privately, and only reveal their pyjamas to close friends and relatives, if at all. Nightwear is intended for use in bed only, preferably in one's own bed, and so slipping into a pyjama for others to see is frowned upon. Whatever the intensity of a lady's love affair with her nightwear, it's in bed that this garment serves its purpose, and it does so splendidly.

Womens nightwear is a Thing of Beauty

It may not be particularly versatile, but what womens nightwear lacks in versatility, it makes up for in charm. It doesn't take a quality-conscious lady long to recognize the value of a silk robe or a lace nightgown, and this value lies not merely in the look and feel of a the garment, but also in the texture and the fibres that make up the ensemble. Silk gowns are by far the most luxurious type of night wear, but there are various synthetic blends, which are less fragile, more hardwearing and perhaps more accessible in terms of price, that also enjoy appeal and consumer interest.

Nightwear tends to be delicate, with few embellishments, if any, and all the little details that adorn the pieces are always refined and delectable, without exception. Some feature lace trimmed cuffs or decolletes, others boast intricate embroidery and charming piping, while others still feature bows, rhinestones, sequins or paillettes, to name only a few embellishments. Whatever the style or the colour of the nightgown or chemise, there's really only one thing that's needed to coordinate the outfit, and that is your sleepy self in a bed. Avail yourself of the many styles in our catalogue, and dose off to sleep in a stylish, comfortable and sumptuous article of womens nightwear.

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