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V-neck jumpers

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Youthful Womens V Neck Jumpers

Reminiscent of cosy childhood evenings by the fireplace, frosty winter mornings and grandmother's steaming cinnamon custard, womens V neck jumpers are the only tops that we wear throughout our lives. Though they keep us warm from infancy to old age, jumpers can never grow old. Come rain or shine, we slip them on and tend to our daily tasks in comfort, warmth and style. Fashion retailers dish out these versatile garments with each new season, but however much they may try to break with tradition, ladies jumpers continue to be some of the most practical garments out there. From cashmere to mesh, the material a jumper is made of will dictate which accessories and shoes to style it with. Equally important are the size, the cut and the colours used in making a jumper. Whether it stands out or not will also affect the type of occasion it's best suited for.

Jumpers are the European versions of the American sweaters, and they're the knitted equivalent of the fleece lined sweatshirts. Once made from wool and mohair, contemporary pieces feature cotton, synthetic fibres and various blends of yarn. Knitted jumpers are usually more drapey than woven ones, and they don't feature seems, flares or darts. If they're light enough, ladies occasionally tuck them into their skirts or trousers, or wear them over a blouse or shirt to take off when it's too warm. People with jumpers around their waists or over their shoulders when the sun came out would have been a common sight, but sweatshirts tend to be better suited for that nowadays, as they are made of more flexible jersey cotton.

The History of Womens V Neck Jumpers

So versatile and practical are womens V neck jumpers that they've come to be worn by police cadets and the Royal Navy. RAF jumpers and police jumpers with shoulder and elbow patches, epaulettes and phone pockets are now the norm for those looking for tops bound to make an impact, men and women alike.

It's not clear when the jumper was invented, but the first knitted varieties were produced on the islands of Guernsey and Jersey, which is why some people like to call them jerseys. Fishermen's wives knit them for their husbands to wear on the job because they kept them warm even in damp conditions thanks to the fact that wool retains its oil when wet. By the beginning of the 1890s, athletes in the USA started wearing them, but under the name of 'sweaters'. Then Benjamin Russell invented what is now called the sweatshirt in the '20s. Designers the likes of Coco Chanel now featured jumpers in their collections. Then came hoodies in the '70s, and from that point, the lines between these various styles became blurred. Of all these types of outer garment, though, jumpers are the only ones that can be worn in more formal settings.

What to Look for in Womens V Neck Jumpers

There's no shortage of womens V neck jumpers online, and with each new season, designers strive to bring something new to the table. With ample selections of these practical clothes making up the greatest part of the fall/winter collections, finding the right one for a specific occasion is mostly a matter of taste. Still, some consideration should be given to the shape of the neck and face when buying ladies V-neck jumpers online. As they tend to make the neck seem longer, they're especially flattering to ladies with shorter necks and rounder faces.

In terms of fit, it's best to buy womens V neck jumpers that are flattering for the body shape. Trapeze jumpers will look splendid on ladies with small hips who would like to emphasise their bottom, oversized jumpers will bring out an hourglass silhouette if the lady is slender and tall, and ovoid jumper dresses could draw attention away from the waistline. Generally speaking, the slimmer the body, the chunckier the jumper's texture can be. That being said, jumpers that are soft knit, rib jumpers, structured knits, chunky jumpers, cable knits, bouclés, leather jumpers and many other types of jumpers may simply look plumper because of the way they're woven.

Some of the more youthful jumper detailing includes side splits, open backs, cold shoulders, lace-ups, knot fronts, faux fur inserts, tassel hems, elbow patches, and whimsical prints or graphics. Especially feminine are jumper dresses, which can extend all the way to the ankles, and usually feature stylish belts or elasticated waistbands. Whether they're made of cashmere, angora, mohair, crochet cotton or various synthetic blends, jumpers will go well with nearly any type of fall/winter shoe, but particularly so with slouch, knee-high and ankle boots.

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