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Roll-neck jumpers

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Versatile Womens Roll Neck Jumpers

Womens roll neck jumpers are evocative of childhood outings in chilly weather and warm cocoa after school. They're the form-fitting tops we wear on camping trips in late autumn, a layer of jersey cotton some prefer to have under a wooly festive sweater, a knit pullover to wear on frosty strolls, or even laid-back work wear on crisp spring days. Decidedly a type of clothing that adults prefer to wear, the roll neck jumper is now seen as somewhat conservative, as it reveals no skin and leaves everything to the imagination, but as it's a figure-hugging type of top, it tends to be very flattering for the female silhouette. But it wasn't so long ago that roll necks were considered rebellious and progressive.

Timeless Womens Roll Neck Jumpers

Also called turtleneck in the USA and skivvy in Australia, the polo or roll neck is a close-fitting jumper whose high-collar folds in on itself. Womens roll neck jumpers galore are available online and in most fashion retail outlets today, and ladies will most likely not part very soon with these delightful tops that sculpt the female silhouette. With each new season, fashion designers come up with new blends and textures to make them all the more attractive and comfortable, and some of the pieces we find to buy online today are very different from those of yesteryear.

Roll neck clothes are said to date back from the 15th century, and were worn mostly by workers. By the 20th century, some of the world's most forward-thinking personalities started wearing the iconic black roll neck jumper. When philosopher Michel Foucault, actor Marcello Mastroianni and more recently businessman Steve Jobs made these tops their signature upper wear, middle-class ladies were eager to turn these jumpers into unisex attire. Womens roll neck jumpers were adopted by ladies fashions most fervently when 20th century office wear started rejecting the tie. Now every teenage lady has a piece in her wardrobe, especially since the black, figure-hugging jumper that can be slipped on so easily is such a convenient way to bring out that gorgeous youthful figure.

Given their shape and cut, womens roll neck jumpers elongate the torso and bring out the facial features. They're very practical, and can be worn under a coat, a blazer or a jacket, depending on the look youțree aiming for.

Stylish LadiesRoll Neck Jumpers

When it comes to buying womens roll neck jumpers online and in-store, ladies must first consider the occasion. Unlike most types of jumpers, roll necks can be extremely light and thin or very chunky. The texture and the material will dictate what theyțre most suitable for, though. A very delicate silk roll neck jumper, for instance, can be worn as formal wear, with a nice strand of pearls, a clutch bag and a pair of high-heel shoes. An equally delicate jersey, however, will most likely not make the right impression at a fancy gathering. Most knit styles are appropriate as daywear, and they go well with all types of shoes, from flats to over-the-knee boots, depending on the weather and the event. Ladies don't usually match their roll necks with sandals, since they don't tend to wear these jumpers in the summer.

Usually, the more formal the occasion, the simpler the jumpers will be in terms of colours and patterns, with neutral colours reigning supreme. A simple black, grey, white, navy or cream jumper under a double-breasted blazer is a chic combination for office wear, and more colourful styles coupled with single-breasted blazers or jackets would work well in any other setting. Lighter womens roll neck jumpers can be tucked into trousers or skirts, while chunkier ones can be worn over a T-shirt and slipped off whenever it gets too warm for comfort.

In terms of jewellery, because womens roll neck jumpers tend to have long sleeves, dainty bracelets and necklaces will tend to be covered up. Bangle bracelets, charm bracelets, statement necklaces and brooches will be the best accessories to show off with a nice roll neck jumper. As the neckline will emphasise the shape of the face and accentuate the jawline, drop and dangle earrings available in any online shop will help balance the facial features, while stud earrings will broaden the face.

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