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Polo-neck jumpers

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Womens Polo Neck Jumpers Revealed

Womens polo neck jumpers are a brilliant compromise between the casual V-neck T-shirt and the imposing cowl neck lace top. Depending on the style, cut, and texture of the top, polo neck jumpers can make a spectacular fashion statement or complement a simple outfit strikingly. As they cover up the chest and neck, these tops are more conservative than most, and yet comfortable and easy to slip on and off. Laid-back, formal, or anything in between, the polo neck jumper will cover up a T-shirt, serve as an underlayer for a blazer or jacket, or be worn as such. Whatever the outfit, this top is stylish, dignified and youthful, slimming and feminine. It creates a flattering silhouette for ladies of all ages, and it's an essential piece in any wardrobe. From fall to spring, from cropped crochet to chunky knit jumpers, they're here to stay and treasure.

Dateless Womens Polo Neck Jumpers

Roll necks or polo necks, as we like to call them in Europe, or turtlenecks and skivvies, as they're called in the USA and Australia, respectively, ladies polo neck jumpers are made for round-year wear. When you buy womens roll neck tops online, you know you're buying versatile tops that will make a great addition to your spring/summer or fall/winter season wardrobe.

In only a matter of decades, the polo neck jumper has stirred the fashion world. Dating back from the beginning of the 15th century, the top was initially worn by workers, and was gradually adopted by men of all classes. When celebrities started wearing the tops as a fashion statement, and as a form of protest against the formal and awkward tie. As the masses rejected formal work wear more fervently, and feminism promoted the jumper as a unisex top, womens polo neck jumpers were slowly adopted by the ladies as well. Black polo neck jumpers have since become a staple of feminine fashion, and they've become acceptable as day wear and workwear for ladies of all age, body shape and social interests. They cleverly conceal the neckline, and they elongate the torso, making the entire appearance look slimmer and more distinguished.

Styling Ladies Polo Neck Jumper Outfits

From picnics to dinners, no occasion is out of tune with well-chosen womens polo neck jumpers. Online and elsewhere, fashion retailers dish out rebellious, comfortable and casual turtleback jumpers every season, and though they reveal so little skin to justify wearing loads of accessories, these tops can still go very well with some statement jewelry. As they're so successful at emphasising the facial features, and the jaw line especially, polo necks are perfect for ladies with oval faces and narrow chins, especially if they wear stud earrings. Women whose faces are rounder should consider long, drop or dangle earrings. Polo neck jumpers with long sleeves also tend to draw attention to the hands, which makes large, statement rings a very appealing choice in accessorizing them.

When it comes to the rest of the outfit, jumpers with a casual look go hand in hand with simple jeans, trousers and skirts. Trainers and slouch boots are excellent shoe choices, and handbag styles can vary according to the type of belt or headwear.

Generally speaking, the more embellished the womens roll neck jumpers you buy online, the less suitable they are as evening wear, but it's not just a matter of design. Sleeveless roll neck tops are used as under layers for cardigans, jackets and blazers, unless they're knit and chunky, in which case they can be worn over lighter, long-sleeved tops. Half-sleeved, short-sleeved and three-quartered roll neck jumpers are unusual styles, but they can look gorgeous over contrasting long-sleeved shirts. On chilly days, roll neck jumpers with long sleeves can be a great alternative to cardigans over a T-shirt, and ladies can even wear two different types of jumpers simultaneously. The most flattering type of jumper, though, is the jumper dress hybrid, which can extend all the way to the ankles and sculpts the female figure gracefully.

While chunky wool knitwear and woven jumpers aren't particularly colourful, synthetic, cotton, silk, viscose, and chiffon jumpers can come in whimsical prints and patterns, like chequered, leopard print, striped, geometric, paisley, floral, polychrome, etc., and these are best coupled with simple, monochrome trousers and skirts.

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