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Straight leg jeans

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Unique Womens Straight Leg Jeans

The iconic bottom wear for casual outings in all kinds of weather, womens straight leg jeansVarieties of Womens Straight Leg Jeans are denim trousers whose lower hems don't taper off or flare, as the name suggests. These jeans are a standard when it comes to denim wear. They've been enjoying tremendous popularity since the blue jeans first came into the spotlight, back when Levi Strauss and Jack Davis invented and released the riveted variety. In fact, straight leg jeans were the first cut to hit the masses in 1873. Initially developed as a durable type of trouser for farmers and miners to use, the interest for jeans trickled down into the fashion world, and soon spread across the globe.

Varieties of Womens Straight Leg Jeans

From rise to denim weave, there are many factors that determine the look and feel of womens straight leg jeans. Left-hand twill jeans are softer and more flexible, while right-hand ones are firmer. High-quality cotton feels smoother and is more hard-wearing than other fibres or blends.

Ladies straight leg jeans also differ in terms of dye or wash. Stonewashed jeans, sandblasted jeans, sandwashed, acid washed, dirty washed, vintage washed, classic washed and rinse washed are the most common types of womens straight leg jeans known. There are also various finishes to a wash, including the new vintage tatter, the antique finish, the crosshatch, as well as different creases and other effects that can be seen on whiskered, chevroned and distressed jeans.

Pocket type and placement is also very important when it comes to womens straight leg jeans, because they determine the look of the denim around the hips. There are jeans that do not feature any pockets at all, and jeans that display traditional, or utility pockets. Some are embellished, some are buttoned and some feature zippers. Most pockets are rounded, oval or patch, with slits, belts, flaps, seams or stitches.

Flattering Womens Straight Leg Jeans

In terms of rise, the higher ones balance out taller, more slender silhouettes, while the shorter ones look fantastic in ultra low rise jeans. Medium rise jeans tend to be best for curvier figures, and they flatten the bottom nicely. Low-rise jeans draw attention to the waist, and so are splendid for flat tummies.

How well a pair of womens straight leg jeans looks on a lady is also a matter of decoration. Basic, no-frills straight-leg jeans are usually worn for work or on casual outings, and they feature little ornamentation, if any. The more fashionable styles, however, can be lavishly decorated to draw attention to the waist, the hips, the knees or the ankles. Embroidery, piping, zippers, overlays, glitter, tattoos, graphics, chains and sequins can be used to create peppy, playful designs for clubwear.

Coordinating Womens Straight Leg Jeans

The main accessory to consider when coordinating a straight-leg jeans outfit is a belt. High-rise and mid-rise jeans look their best without a belt, because they naturally bring out the waistline. Low-rise jeans, however, are made all the more fetching with a colourful belt that draws attention to a petite lady's hips, rather than her tummy. Any overcoat, jacket, vest or cardigan will do, but denim blazers are particularly well suited, especially if the weave and colour matches that of the bottoms. The type of handbag used to match the outfit can also be denim, but canvas and leather are just as becoming. Nice structured, cross-body or saddlebags in neutral or dark colours would complement a work outfit beautifully, while totes, hobos, crescent, bucket, bowling, messenger and hobo bags in vibrant, lively colours would brighten up a shopping spree or a coffee date. As casual as they are, they look look amazing with a pair of sunglasses and some colourful pumps in the summer, but they also go well with ankle boots, wedges, heeled oxfords and sneaker booties in colder seasons.

Womens straight leg jeans don't require much accessorising, and what jewellery to wear is a matter of personal taste. As they tend to be casual garments, they look dazzling alongside simple chain bracelets, hoop earrings and pendant necklaces, but they can also balance out chunky statement pieces.

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