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Skinny jeans

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Unique Womens Skinny Jeans

The most popular form of casual bottom wear for over a century, womens jeans have become the norm in everyday fashion due not only to the convenience of slipping them on and off easily, but also to the fact that they go very well with most outfits. Skinny jeans are considered particularly fetching as their cut tapers toward the ankle, emphasising the shape of the leg. Though they maintain their rugged, classic look by virtue of their texture and fabric composition, jeans have diversified significantly over the years. Womens skinny jeans are especially flattering, and they were introduced to the masses by music and film stars in the '80s. They've recently made a comeback, and can be found in most fashion retail outlets, not only those specialising in jeans.

The History of the Womens Skinny Jeans

The fetching skinny jean has been very popular with teenagers ever since the '50s, when Marlon Brando, James Dean, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe started wearing them publicly. In the '70s, members of some of the most celebrated music bands of the moment, such as The Sex Pistols and The Rolling Stones, started wearing them. Womens skinny jeans gained even more notoriety toward the end of that decade due to the film entitled 'Grease'. Then, in the '80s, most rock band members and their fans started wearing them. Through the '90s, their popularity declined due to the rise of the baggy jeans, an iconic hip hop bottom wear. At the turn of the century, the skinny jean came back into favour due to the combined efforts of designers and fashion models the likes of Kate Moss.

Figure Flattering Womens Skinny Jeans

Given their tight fit, not all skinny jeans will be suitable for all ladies. Before buying a pair of womens skinny jeans, it's best to determine the type of body shape. A pear-shaped body is widest at the hips, while a cone-shaped body tends to taper toward the hips. Ruler-shaped ladies have a fairly straight outline, while hourglass figures tend to have a very narrow waist framed by a bust and hips that are roughly the same width. Whatever the body shape, skinny jeans will make the legs seem longer. For a balanced look, pear-shaped ladies should wear skinnies that are darker coloured around the hips, and are wider at the base. Cone-shaped figures look very well in jeans that are lighter in colour and coupled with shoes that are not pointed-toe. Petite ladies look especially dazzling in skinny jeans, while more athletic women are best suited for the straight-cut variety. Generally speaking, the darker the wash, the more slimming the look.

Wearing Ladies Skinny Jeans

When wearing womens skinny jeans, chunky shoes won't do, unless they're balanced out by bulky tops, vests or jackets. To bring the best out of these tight fitting bottoms, canvas shoes, ballerina flats, pumps and high heels work best. Slim tops look splendid alongside a pair of skinnies, but anything that is too tight on the body should be avoided so as not to make the outfit seem flashy. Most T-shirts, blouses and tops match the skinny jean well, and they can be used to create any type of outfit, from clubwear casual to smart. Belts will complete the outfit beautifully, but they will also draw attention to the hips or waists, depending on where they lie, and make them seem wider. Baseball caps, fedoras, straw hats, scarves, and just about every type of casual handbag imaginable would complement a skinny outfit excellently. The position of the pockets is also very important on skinnies, because they tend to stand out and draw attention. When the pockets are positioned in an unflattering way, there's always the option to cover them with a blazer or vest. Whatever the outfit, skinny jeans usually look a bit more professional than straight-cut ones. Dark ones, when coordinated with neutral colours, like grey, brown, black, navy or white, will even pass off as work wear, but some care should be taken to avoid a look that's simply too sexy for the office.

Accessorising Womens Skinny Jeans

Like most types of jeans, ladies skinnies are not too conspicuous, so they will not draw too much attention away from accessories. When styling a skinny outfit, it's best to coordinate the accessories with the shoes in terms of both colour and shape. The bulkier the shoes, the chunkier the bangles, the statement necklaces, the pendants and the earrings. When wearing high heel shoes or pumps, however, fine, delicate pendants, charms and chains are more appropriate.

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