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Cropped jeans

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Womens Cropped Jeans Galore

You don't think of womens cropped jeans as every-day wear, and they're certainly not to everyone's taste, but they are some of the most comfortable types of bottoms you'll find online and in brick-and-mortar fashion outlets. Come summer, ladies don these casual garments from sunrise to sundown. With their laid-back look, their relaxed cuts, and their flexible and hard-wearing fibres, these jeans blend style with practicality. Though the cropped trouser style originated in Asia and was a adopted by Westerners relatively recently, its comeback on the catwalks has been welcomed time and again by both men and women.

Jeans were initially reserved for the working class in Western countries, just as cropped trousers were for some Eastern ones, which makes the cropped jean combination a natural one. With time, as both jeans and cropped trousers became symbols of freedom and feminine emancipation, cropped jeans became the norm for summer casual wear. Generally more resilient than capri trousers and shorter than chinos, cropped jeans make splendid clothes for anything from picnics and shopping sprees to late evening bashes by the pool.

Womens Cropped Jeans That Look and Feel Right

It's easy to get carried away when buying womens cropped jeans online, just as it is in-store. They come in so many varieties that deciding which ones to pick can be a daunting task. The first thing to take into account is the waistband, which should only fall on the lady's waistline if she has an hourglass shape, or if she's confident her waist will not be drawing attention in an unflattering way. Heart-shaped figures normally opt for low-rise jeans with wide belts that bring out the hips, and pear-shaped ladies tend to look best when the jeans start from as high above the navel as possible.

High waist womens cropped jeans should be avoided by petite ladies, as they tend to make them look shorter. Cropped jeans, in general, are more geared towards tall ladies because the visual effect of the horizontal bottom hem is a shortening and widening one.

Most womens cropped jeans will suit any body shape well due to the weave of the denim. They add a bit more volume to the silhouette than trousers do, but with some embellishments and accessories, they can be made to look slimming. Wherever the belt, button placket, zip or buckles fall, though, they will draw attention to that area.

The dye and weave are also very important when it comes to choosing a pair. Curvier ladies could opt for indigo, dirty dyed or raw denim, while slender ladies look best in stonewashed, sandblasted or sun bleached jeans.

Coordinate Womens Cropped Jeans to the Outfit

One thing to consider when trying to pair your womens cropped jeans with a top, a pair of shoes or a handbag is the type of fastening on the jeans. If they fasten with zips, then the zip on your handbag should be of a similar colour, or you should find some other accessory to match it, like a pair of metal earrings. If they fasten with buttons, then your overcoat or top should use similar buttons. If they're cinched with lace-ups, the rest of the outfit should also suggest a more romantic and playful tone.

High-rise womens cropped jeans look their best alongside slim fitting tops, while low rise jeans work well with camis, vests and simple T-shirts.

Piping, distressed accents and whiskers can be used to bring out a lady’s best features, whatever the type of rise or the length of the jeans. The pockets, whichever type they may be, will also tend to draw attention, and they can be used to turn a relaxed look into a very appealing one. Welt or seemed pockets are particularly flattering, but jeans look exceptionally attractive when they lack back pockets.

Pairing the cropped jeans with the right pair of shoes is also very important. They look their best with sandals, flip-flops and moccasins when the bottom hem is wide, and with wedges and pumps or even high heels when they're not wide at the bottom.

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