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Bootcut jeans

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Womens Bootcut Jeans in a Nutshell

Womens bootcut jeans are denim bottoms that made fashion history decades ago, and continue to be a popular type of clothing in the fashion world of today. Worn with tops, bags and shoes galore in combinations that never seize to impress, these ladies jeans will undoubtedly continue to be a hot item for many years to come. The secret is in the name; they are cut in such a way as to fit the hips and thighs snugly, but then flare out toward the bottom hem, leaving a bit of space around the ankle for a boot shaft to fit in. Their cut balances out all of the proportions, slimming curvier legs and making slender legs shapelier. Not having changed much in decades, bootcut jeans are still very unlikely to ever go out of style, unless a new, cheaper or more efficient form of weaving twill emerges and sweeps casual trouser wearers off their feet.

Womens Bootcut Jeans through History

When tailor Jacob Davis and wholesaler Levi Strauss produced riveted jeans for the working class at the beginning of the 1870s, they became the movers and shakers of the fashion world. Though the first styles were shapeless and not in the least concerned with fashion trends, when Hollywood released motion pictures featuring jeans, the style took off. Teenagers began emulating film stars and wearing jeans as a symbol of social awakening, protesting, going to festivals, and hanging out in these denim trousers. Jeans were banned in many public places, which only served to increase their popularity. Then, as people felt more comfortable wearing them in public, the restrictions were lifted. By the end of the 1980s, bootcut jeans gained popularity as a practical, less ostentatious alternative to the iconic flare jeans. Slowly, womens bootcut jeans became a staple of casual ladies wear, replacing dresses as an every-day outfit at home and at work.

The Bootcut Styling Medley

Womens bootcut jeans, like all other types of trousers, are more flattering to some silhouettes rather than others. Hourglass shapes, in particular, are spoilt for choice when it comes to jeans, while pear, apple or heart shaped ladies tend to put a bit more effort in selecting the right pair of jeans.

Pear shaped ladies look their best in darker toned bootcut jeans that don't stretch, but have a smooth texture and a lighter twill. To balance out the hips, their top of choice should emphasise the bust. A bold scarf around the neck, draping over the chest area, coupled with a very fine necklace would further strengthen the illusion of a fuller torso. Boleros, shrugs, ponchos and shawls are excellent ways to draw attention away from the hips and onto the neckline, as well.

For heart-shaped ladies, it's the hips that need to be accentuated, and so a lighter tone pair of bootcut jeans, perhaps stonewashed or sandwashed, would complement their physique splendidly, especially if it happens to be a low-rise pair. A colourful or light coloured belt would also draw attention to the hips. The top should be darker around the bust to even out these proportions, and a firmer twill texture would be ideal. The rinsed indigo jean would do nicely, for example. Long blazers, waterfall cardigans and vests are best in this case, as the horizontal hem of any overcoat visually enlarges the area it rests on.

Ladies with an apple-shaped body would look their best in womens bootcut jeans that are ultra-low-rise, so as not to create unsightly folds of skin around the waist. Stretch jeans are smooth and strong enough to bring the best out of an apple shape figure. The chest area of the top should be decorated so as to draw attention from the abdomen, perhaps with geometric, paisley or floral patterns, while the tummy should feature only dark colours in monochrome or combinations thereof.

Coordinating Womens Bootcut Jeans

Womens bootcut jeans don't require much effort in terms of styling, but it is important to match them with the right type of shoes. As the name suggests, wedge boots, oxford booties, ankle boots, clog boots, biker boots, and even riding boots or army boots look fantastic with these jeans, but so too do pumps and high-heels. Flats, moccasins and flip-flops are not very flattering under these jeans, though.

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