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Jeans – from work trousers to trend item


Everyone wears them, everyone loves them. Jeans used to be only for men – but are now a constant in every wardrobe. Today, you can choose so much more than just blue and a straight cut: From white to black, skinny jeans to flared legs – there are no limits for women's jeans. You can find the right model for any body type and occasion.

In the beginning, there were blue jeans

The story of jeans started with the German retailer Levi Strauss more than 150 years ago. Initially, they were standard trousers made of brown sailing cloth. Over time, the typical blue jeans was transformed and became popular casualwear.

Durable, comfortable, versatile: Today, it is hard to imagine a life without them. Black skinny jeans with a blouse and pumps can be a great alternative for a semi-formal event. Generally speaking, classic women's jeans come in three cuts:

  • Boot cut: flared leg
  • Straight: straight leg
  • Skinny /Slim: narrow leg

Flared trousers were a must-have in the 1970s, but nowadays women generally prefer to wear trousers that enhance female curves. They can sit low on the hips or be made more comfortable with a high waistband.

Which jeans are best for my figure?

Big thighs, short legs and a flat bum? Forget about that – because the right tips and tricks can make jeans an absolute favourite in any wardrobe and will show off the best parts of your figure. A well fitted pair of jeans can be identified by the lack of creases in the crotch area and that they don't chafe anywhere. But which model looks the best?

A little belly

Anyone struggling with a bit of belly should wear high rise jeans. High waisted jeans can make the belly disappear and make the hips look smaller which in turn creates a slimmer silhouette. A high stretch content makes the fabric sit gently on the skin and highlight those beautiful curves.

Hip hugging trousers are probably not best in this case, as they will make an unsightly muffin top look. And as always: Black is slimming; darker jeans will always flatter any figure.

Also an eye-catcher from behind

Pockets and other appliqués on the back of jeans can achieve in seconds what would take hours of effort and working out. Embroidery, buttons or embellishments on the back pockets create more volume and visually enhance the buttocks.

Light washes and low-rise jeans are also good for making the bottom look larger – especially in slim fit skinny jeans.

Those who think their backside is a little too big can go for the darker and looser cut models. Boot cut with wide legs and inconspicuous pockets are the best choice for this.

Gazelle legs

Slim and long legs – the dream for most women. But for what any woman may be lacking, jeans can make up for: Flared trouser legs create a balance for larger thighs and a dark wash can also make for a slimmer look.

Anyone who is not happy with their short legs should go for slim or straight cut models. Long trouser legs and high shoes can also elongate the leg – turning any street into a catwalk.

The 5 most frequent mistakes made when buying jeans – and how to avoid them

The search for the right jeans never ends. We keep making the same mistakes and don't really educate ourselves about the many styles available. There are countless cuts, colours and designs, particularly for people who buy jeans online.

  • The wrong size
    Shops tend to carry plenty of similar models, but the selection available online is just so much bigger – which increases your chances to find the right one for you. A size chart is always helpful: It offers waist measurements and instep lengths to figure out the right size for you.
  • Always the same cut
    Of course everyone has their favourite trousers. But what about trying something new? Instead of skinny jeans, why not go for a slightly flared pair of trousers – maybe they will even make your legs look a bit longer. The boyfriend style is also a nice change and will show off a whole new side of any figure.
  • Afraid of extras
    Embroidered flowers look childish and rips in jeans are just for teenagers? Not exactly, because just those kinds of details are what transform simple jeans into special eye-catchers. Every woman looks properly styled and great in them and they enhance every figure.
  • Forgot about the back
    As beautiful as the trousers may look in front, the back is just as important. Large back pockets make the bum look larger, which can look very attractive.
  • Forgot about the material composition
    Aside from the right size, the fabric the jeans are made of is also very important. A high cotton content makes jeans durable, and they won’t look baggy after a long day. However, they don't flatter the figure as much as stretch jeans would. Skinny jeans should have a high elastane content to make them fit snug and comfortably against the body.

Be daring and try new things! Marlene pants may be a little bit of a culture shock if it is your first time trying anything other than skinny jeans. But maybe a new look is just what you need!

Comfortable all day long

Anyone looking for a stylish alternative to jeans and also highly values comfort has plenty to choose from. This is where leggings (which are basically stretchy fabric pants) come in, as they sit perfectly on the body and ensure plenty of freedom of movement. They can be used to create the perfect look year round when combined with longer tops or even oversized jumpers.

The comfort of leggings and the look of jeans: jeggings are the perfect middle ground. They are skin tight and there are models with zips or elastic waistbands as well as real or fake pockets. They offer plenty of freedom of movement create the basis for a beautiful outfit – with a light blouse and lace-up shoes, you can wear your jeggings to the office as well.

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