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Delightful Womens Leather Jackets

Ladies leather jackets are a type of outerwear made entirely out of leather, with which the ladies like to clad their upper bodies. They typically feature sleeves, a placket at the front or side which fastens the jacket with button, zippers, hooks, clasps, buckles or lace-ups, and occasionally pockets. They're so versatile and designers tend to put so much imagination into their making, that the lines between leather vests, blazers, jackets and coats have become a bit fuzzy, especially in recent times. Still, they're generally considered lighter than coats and less form-fitting than blazers. Womens leather jackets are youthful and casual, yet suitable for all ages and body shapes. They're hard-wearing, classy, fashionable and slightly rebellious.

From Jackets to Womens Leather Jackets

When people buy womens leather jackets these days, it rarely happens that they ask themselves how these versatile garments came to be. Jackets have come a long way to become the versatile, figure-flattering clothes that ladies leather jackets are today. They were initially worn under coats or other forms of outerwear, but they've become the only means of thermal isolation people need these days, that's how warm, waterproof and protective the materials they're made of are now.

The name comes from the French word 'jacquette', which is still used today. Leather jackets, also called motorcycle jackets, were associated with aviators, policemen, motorcyclists, musicians and teenagers mostly, but have been around since the beginning of the 20th century. In the 1900s, they were used strictly by airplane pilots, but following Hollywood endorsement of the style, leather jackets became widespread outerwear for both men and women. These casual jackets are reserved for occasions that are not particularly festive or formal, and given the fact that they can be bulky at times, they tend to be matched with jeans and trainers or skirts and boots.

Types of Womens Leather Jackets

When ordering womens leather jackets online, the plethora of styles and cuts is remarkable. There are various types of jackets that can be made of leather, including biker jackets, bomber jackets, gilet jackets, coatigans, blouson jackets, Harrington jackets and duster coats, and most of these have been adopted by ladies fashions, though they were primarily designed for masculine figures.

They also differ in terms of length, and while most ladies don't wear ¾ length womens leather jackets like those seen in 'The Matrix' every day, knee-length jackets are very commonly used by bottom-heavy ladies to draw attention away from the hips. Most women prefer to have their jackets end at hip level, emphasising the bottom and slimming the waist, but pear-shaped ladies and those who are very tall generally look much better in shorter, waist-length jackets.

Lovely Womens Leather Jackets

Every online shop specialising in leather fashion will most likely retail womens leather jackets, and the variety and abundance can make the shopping choice a daunting one, especially if the jackets are embellished and adorned to look special. They can feature fur, buckles, rhinestones, studs, all sorts of buttons, piping and stitching. Zippers are the most usual types of fasteners, and they can be vertical, diagonal and tilted, but there are also buckles, straps, lace-ups, clasps and buttons. They can also feature inner and outer pockets. Cocoon and oversized jackets tend to compensate for lack of embellishments with very large front pockets, for instance.

How to Style Ladies Leather Jackets

Womens leather jackets are worth every penny. Not only are they made of a hard-wearing and flattering material, but they're also easy to style. All that a leather jacket needs to complete the outfit is a pair of shoes and a handbag made of similarly coloured leather. Pebble, coffee, latte, chocolate, ecru, whisky, vanilla, noisette, slate, royal blue, oxblood, cognac, rose, bordeaux, onyx, racing green, Australian nut, Newmarket tan, platinum grey and black are some of the most popular colours of leather jackets. The wide variety of leather dyes available makes it easy to coordinate the jacket not only with shoes and handbags, but also with tops, trousers and accessories. Generally speaking, the lighter the jacket, the more delicate the accessories should be.

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