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Felted wool jackets

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All About Womens Felted Wool Jackets

Felted wool jackets are often very expensive, but they always look stylish and can last you a lifetime. You will never regret buying a beautiful warm felted jacket.

What is felted wool?

Felting has been practised for thousands of years and is the name given to the process of binding the fibres of wool - such as sheep or goat's wool- very densely together so that the wool eventually forms a very dense and thick fabric. The wool is felted by applying heat, moisture and movement to alter the microscopic scales on the individual wool fibres to interlock and bind together. The two main methods of felting are known as needle felting and moisture felting. There is also a third method; the method applied on an industrial scale involving chemical processes and the manufacture of felt for industrial and commercial uses. The first two methods are skilled crafts, and felt jackets made from hand crafted felt are not widely available. The vast majority of women's felted wool jackets on sale are made from industrial grade felt. Many types of wool can be used to make felt- merino wool produces felt that is particularly strong, supple and soft.

Compared to jackets made from synthetic fibre, jackets made from felted merino wool have many advantages as they:

  • are very quick drying
  • are exceptionally comfortable to wear, even when wet, and will continue to warm you whatever the weather
  • are more breathable than man-made fibres and ideal for people with sensitive skin
  • are less likely to attract bacteria, so does not need as much washing. Clothing made from felt, however, should always be washed as little as possible, and ideally, be taken to the dry cleaners
  • have a high sun protection factor of over 50+

How to Wear Womens Felted Wool Jackets

The tailored structure of felted wool jackets, and their general lack of padding and bulk, make them a flattering addition to the wardrobes of women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Their appearance gives an impression of formality, which is charmingly offset with the soft brushed texture of the felted wool. Felted jackets are always stylish and are also extremely warm. Felted wool jackets are ideal for women who wish to look stylish at all times, whether it is taking the dog for a walk in the woods or visiting their child at university.

Felted wool jackets are good to wear on crisp autumn days, when the sky is blue but there is a chill in the air. When it comes to felted wool jackets, you can spend as little or as much as your budget allows. At the expensive end of the spectrum would be a tailored felted light grey waist-length jacket from the German Munchner Manufactur, which channels the look of traditional country with exquisite attention to detail, with contrasting stitching and embellishments in bright cerise and verdant green. Made from the finest loden felted cloth, this type of jacket echoes the Trachten style which is extremely popular in Europe, and would be perfect to wear for a smart-casual outdoor occasion, such as a visit to a National Trust property, or perhaps a trip to the Oktoberfest. Wear with smart jeans and perhaps a dashing hat.

Felted wool jackets are available in different styles and lengths. Choose a style to suit you; hip length jackets suit ladies with apple shaped and pear shaped figures, while fitted waist length felted wool jackets can help to emphasise the feminine curves of slim and hourglass figures. Felted wool jackets can also be found in many colours so it is worth choosing a jacket that suits you and brings out the best in your complexion. Soft blues and greens, for example, are often particularly flattering to women with English rose complexions, or those with red hair, while reds, russets and purples suit brunettes, and those with olive or brown skin tones.

When wearing a felted wool jacket, accessorising with a scarf in a complementary colour can be a good way of adding a touch of extra style to your outfit. Leather ankle boots or brogues would work well teamed with smart jeans, and you could also add a belt to add definition to the overall look of your outfit. Fashion should be all about having fun and felted wool jackets certainly offer plenty of scope experimenting with different styles.

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