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Women's coats: comfortable and chic at the same time

A high-quality coat belongs in every wardrobe – women's coats are true all-rounders and can be worn for almost any occasion. For example, a parka is perfect for spring, a lightweight jacket is all you need for the summer and a classic trench coat will easily accompany you through autumn. Winter, however, asks for a cosier type of coat such as one made of llama hair or a quilted version. We are happy to advise which coat looks best on you and the type of care that is needed for your new wardrobe favourite.


Which coat looks good on me?

The taller a women is, the longer the coat should be: this is a simple rule of thumb when choosing the coat length. Petite women thus benefit from a classic short coat, which extends as far as the knee and which makes the legs look longer. A generous collar, on the other hand, flatters tall women and focuses on the face instead of body length. However, no matter whether you wear size S or XL: a quilted coat, parka or trench coat suits every figure.

If you have curvy hips or a small tummy, the best option is to choose an A-line design, which is slightly flared and thus cleverly conceals small problem areas. Wide cuts and details such as a hood, sequins or sewn-on pockets can also distract from a little extra weight. Open-front long coats are especially flattering if you are curvy.

For athletically built women whose shoulders, hips and waist are more or less the same width, a trench coat with a belt at waist height creates a feminine silhouette. A high-quality coat should also always flatter the cleavage: if you have a large bust, a coat with V-neck will perfectly accentuate this.

A coat for every season

Coats are the perfect companion in every season: from lightweight parkas and trench coats to cosy woollen or quilted coats, there's a suitable coat for any weather condition. In addition, these two classics are a wardrobe must-have: the black trench coat, which can even be worn with a party dress, and a quilted coat, with or without a hood, for cold days.

Women's coats for warm days

On warmer days, a coat has to be loose and light. Perfect for this type of weather is a trench coat. In its unlined version, it provides perfect protection against a light spring breeze. A thin raincoat in bright colours is also ideal for surviving bad weather in spring or summer. Don't forget to check if the coat has a hood to protect you from rain. A raincoat in red or yellow makes a colourful statement. And a crisp short coat made of polyester can also be worn open in summer.

Overview of suitable coats:

  • Lightweight trench coats
  • Raincoats
  • Open-front short coats

Women's coats for cold days

Needless to say, coats are essential on cold days. If it is freezing or snowing outside, a lined and padded coat provides a fashionable outfit that also keeps you wonderfully warm. You can still wear a trench coat if it has a lining. Parkas (long anoraks with lining and mostly an insulating outer layer) are also suitable. Chic classics are knitted or woollen coats, which however do not usually offer real protection when it gets really cold. Warm down and quilted coats are more suitable for these days, because they come with thick inner and outer linings as well as additional properties such as a hood to protect against rain and snow.

Overview of suitable coats:

  • Lined trench coats
  • Parkas
  • Knitted or woollen coats
  • Down coats
  • Quilted coats

Tip: If you don't want to buy a different coat for each weather condition, you can buy trendy combined designs. These are, for example, coats with a removable hood, a removable lining or an adjustable faux fur collar. These coats are flexible and can be adjusted depending on the weather and temperature.

Cleaning and care of women's coats

After wearing a coat outdoors, it can look very stressed – proper cleaning is required! Coats with puffy downcan be easily popped into the washing machine, however, make sure that you also have a tumble dryer available to give the down its necessary volume back after washing. The maximum washing temperature for this type of coat is 30 degrees. Machine washing a short coat made of functional fabrics such as polyester is easier because it can be washed at 40 degrees and requires no special treatment afterwards.

Women's coats made of wool on the other hand, require special care. If it has become smelly, it may be sufficient to expose this type of coat to steam (e.g. hang it in the shower) and then beat out afterwards. In case of major soiling, however, the stains have to be removed from the garment. If you are lucky, you can do this with a little water and an absorbent cloth. It's important that you don't rub, just dab! Alternatively, some woollen coats can also be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle of 30 degrees (observe washing instructions!). After washing, place the coat on a large towel and wait until it has absorbed most of the moisture. Only then can the coat dry fully on a hanger.

Tip for proper storage: Think of using protection against moths in your wardrobe. This can be hung directly in the garment bag, for example, which provides protection for the coat on days that you don't wear it.

Women's coats: fashionable companions for every occasion

Sporty-looking Goretex coats offer secure protection against all weather conditions. Features such as a removable hood or a secure zip make this type of coat suitable to wear even in the worst weather. Gore-Tex coats are therefore ideal for sporty women who like to be outdoors.

Short coats flatter petite women and make them look taller. This is not the only reason why they are a great choice. Short coats are also popular because they are available in versatile materials and colour designs.

Llama hair coats on the one hand are an intense colour, and on the other hand they have a practical advantage. They are very warm and pleasantly light thanks to the llama hair. These types of women's coats look wonderfully feminine and elegant and therefore prove to be the ideal companion for evening or cocktail dresses.

Trench coats are deservedly called perennial classics, which go well with numerous outfits and no wardrobe should omit them. Especially in timeless black and with a tailored belt, they bring out your feminine side to perfection. What's more, trench coats are available in both lightweight summer and lined winter designs.

A quilted coat is padded and provides the best possible warmth even in the cold winter months. In addition, it has a trendy look that flatters both younger and older women. Quilted coats are available in muted or bold colours to give a dreary winter a bit of colour.

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