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Fashionable gilets for any occasion


Feminine, sporty or business-like - all with just one item of clothing. Gilets can be worn for various occasions because their look is surprisingly versatile: A casual quilted gilet is a great match for jeans and sneakers, while a long knitted gilet worn with a skirt and pumps is an eye-catcher at any event. However, you should follow a few rules if you want to turn a gilet into the highlight of your outfit.

Sleeveless at any time of year

Gilets are only suitable for autumn and jackets are generally more practical? This view is disproved by the wide variety of gilets alone - for summer or winter, knitted or down-filled, they have long since become a clothing essential. The following styles are currently popular:

  • Down and quilted gilets
  • Functional gilets
  • Milled gilets
  • Knitted gilets
  • Crocheted gilets
  • ​Fur gilets

In addition to these types, there are less common varieties like woven or blazer gilets or coats with overcut sleeves. If you want to stay on the safe side, stick with classic styles and muted colours - not much can go wrong with a quilted or a denim look gilet. However, there are some varieties that inspire experimentation.

Gilets against the frosty cold

There is only one way to go, when a light jacket is no longer warm enough but the winter parka seems much to bulky: Time to get out your down gilet. Combined with jeans and a plain jumper, a figure-flattering women’s gilet will create a sporty look and keep the body warm, while the arms have plenty of freedom of movement.

Quilted gilets are similar. However, they are a little more elegant and not quite as warm. They are suitable for the office or sophisticated events, because they can be worn with smart trousers or a tight skirt. It is easy to match the colour of a gilet to the shirt or jumper worn underneath, and a small stand-up collar helps to create a particularly feminine look.

The latest trend: Long gilets

A long gilet is a convenient choice for mild nights and cool mornings. This type of gilet is a great way to give any casual outfit an upgrade. Their long shape is similar to that of a long blazer or a coat, however, the blouse or jumper worn underneath is visible, due to the missing sleeves.

This way part of the outfit is shown off, while the gilet is still keeping the body warm and is cleverly concealing the hip and buttocks area. Gilets are also must have items for fashion-minded women who would like to create layered looks comprising turtleneck shirts and scarves.

That hand-crafted look

Knitted gilets are perfect for cosy nights and for adding some extra comfort. Combined with a pair of stretchy leggings and a long shirt, they make for a super snug outfit and they are ideal for layering: A pair of jeans, a blouse and a scarf worn over the gilet - and your casual look is complete. Monochromatic hues or bright colours can be used to taste to modify the overall impression or to add special eye-catchers.

Trendy classics

Functional or milled gilets made from high quality pure wool are always a smart choice. Sweating or feeling cold can be avoided by layering different items of clothing as layers can be easily removed or added as needed. Gilets will keep warm your back and kidney area in particular, while also offering protection against chilly wind.

Three tips for a perfect gilet look

Are you bored of plain styles and monotonous outfits? Of seeing the same combinations again and again and of a lack of inspiration for giving gilets an exciting boost? There is hope yet, because a few good tips are all it takes to turn the street into a catwalk:

  • Fur gilets
    We are talking about fake fur and woven fur: Trendy fashion pieces for stylish looks will create a slim figure and can be easily combined with plain tops. There is no way around fluffy items worn with a pair of black jeans and little accessories in the time between the seasons.
  • Special collars
    An unusual scarf collar is all it takes to make a long gilet shine and to jazz up a casual outfit in an instant. Blazer style gilets can also add more variety. These are characterised by their classic lapel collar. Thrown over a blouse and finished off with a necklace, they are all it takes to get ready for work.
  • And those who are a little more daring...
    ... can simply combine different styles. How about a relaxed long gilet combined with casual culottes? What may sound unfamiliar to begin with, is a fashionably informal look at second glance.

Colours also allow for experimentation and strong contrasts can help to create more lively outfits: White gilets and shoes worn with dark jeans and a dark turtleneck jumper - or the other way around. A balanced overall impression is achieved by picking up the colour of the gilet.

Collar, hood and buttons

A women’s gilet looking sporty or elegant is not just a matter of its style: The effect of a gilet is often determined by the little details. A standing collar will give a quilted gilet a feminine touch, while a hood will make it look more casual and urban. Those who would like to stand out should opt for a fur-trimmed hood - a cute winter accessory.

Reversible gilets add more variety, as you can change your look in an instant. Different colours on the inside and outside allow for new styles created in a matter of seconds: These gilets usually have one muted and one bright colour, so the entire outfit is changed significantly in no time at all.

And if you enjoy even more eye-catching designs, you may want to go with fringes and crocheted details. Dynamic elements that are dangling loosely from the hem, can add a hint of coolness to a smart gilet.

Gilets can usually be closed with a zipper or with press studs, however, knitted or textile models in particular tend to come without fasteners. These have an accordingly longish shape that provides for a visual lengthening of the figure. Combined with a tight pair of jeans and high heels, they will look irresistible and that makes them ideal year-round companions.

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