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Beach dresses

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General information about beach dresses

Beach dresses are made from lightweight material and are designed to keep the wearer cool at either the beach or by the pool. They are often used to provide protection from the sun and can be bought in a variety of different styles.

Beach dresses are commonly worn on their own although they can easily be combined with a lightweight cardigan or shrug if an additional layer is required. Beach dresses can be teamed with most types of sandals. A fitted style of beach dress may look best with a wedge sandal while a looser kaftan style dress would look amazing with a pair of jewelled flip flops. Accessorising with the right jewellery will provide the finishing touch to the outfit. You may wish to avoid heavy statement pieces in hot weather and a simple pair of drop earrings and a couple of gold bangles would be the perfect accessory to any style of beach dress.

Beach dresses are first and foremost designed for daytime wear to the pool or the beach. They could still be suitable though for an evening meal on holiday or even a daytrip. It would be easy to dress up the outfit by adding a pair of heels and more noticeable jewellery.

Properties of beach dresses

An online shop will generally stock beach dresses in a wide variety of different styles. Fitted styles which hug tend the figure tend to be shorter in length and either have thin shoulder straps or are strapless. Longer maxi style beach dresses tend to have a looser, more flowing fit. This may be in a kaftan style or with an elasticated or fitted waistline with a flowing skirt. Long beach dresses are available to buy with a selection of different necklines. These could include scoop or v necklines with wider straps, thinner strap version are also available and there are many longer strapless versions which tend to fit tightly across the chest and then flow out to elegantly drape the body.

An online shop will stock beach dresses in an extensive range of patterns. Floral is often a popular choice and can look very attractive when teamed with bright sandals and accessories. Geometric patterns can be a striking choice or a pretty pastel colour can create a softer look.

Beach dresses can be bought in such a wide spectrum of different styles, patterns and colours that it is very easy to find a beach dress to suit all tastes.

Packing a beach dress

Beach dresses are ideal for taking on holiday and taking a few minutes to consider how to pack a beach dress can ensure that it arrives at your destination without creases and ready to wear. Beach dresses are normally made from lightweight fabrics so they should be packed near the top of a suitcase so that the weight of other clothes does not cause creases. A beach dress that is made from a chiffon or jersey material may travel better in a suitcase if it is rolled rather than folded. If a beach dress does have some creases when unpacked then it may be possible to get rid of the creases by hanging the dress in a bathroom where steam can help remove the creases.

Caring for beach dresses

The majority of beach dresses are made from lightweight and easy to care for fabrics such as cotton and jersey. They can therefore easily be machine washed with other items of clothing. Beach dresses made from chiffon and other similar materials may need to be washed by hand or even dry cleaned. It is important to check the washing instructions for each dress to ensure that it is treated correctly and therefore retains its quality.

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