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V-neck cardigans

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Timeless Womens V Neck Cardigans

For some, womens V neck cardigans are just the thing to wear under a coat on a chilly winter day. For other ladies, it's a type of upper-wear that works well, whatever the season. Regardless of the weather, a cardigan is the perfect thing to slip on over your top for a stylish outfit. With so many types of cardigans for sale, finding that perfect one to match an outfit is a breeze. Depending on the material, cut and colour, a V-neck cardigan can go just as well with a strand of pearls as it would with a statement necklace. Also, it can be used as outerwear in summer or an under-coat in winter. While some think of a cardigan as the kind of thing to wear when you have a brandy snifter in your hand, others like to think of it as an extra layer that matches a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt. Though just as flattering to men and ladies alike, womens cardigans come in a wider variety of styles and fits, and retail stores spare no effort in making them part of their seasonal collections.

There's a very fine line between a cardigan, a sweater and a pullover, and many fashion houses like to blur the boundaries, especially with all the materials available nowadays. But while cardigans and sweaters may be very similar, in general, they tend to be very different from sweatshirts, hoodies and pullovers because they're usually knit or crochet, not made with an under-layer of flannel, mesh or fleece. They also tend to be lighter and more delicate than the above articles, fastening with buttons at the front. They're not as sporty as sweatshirts or hoodies, not as warm as jackets, and not as form-fitting as vests. Womens V neck cardigans are in a class of their own, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

The History of Womens V Neck Cardigans

Whether they fasten at the front with buttons, lacing, knots or zippers, they're made of cashmere or cotton, they're mass-produced or custom-made, womens V neck cardigans are never dull. When they don't fasten at all, but flow freely around the body, they resemble robes, and are very different from the types of wooly, chunky cardigans previous generations would have worn.

The versatile cardigan hails from England. The 7th Earl of Cardigan had his men wear wool waistcoats in the Crimean War, and although they were initially sleeveless, they caught on very quickly. Before long, both men and women started wearing them underneath their suit jackets, switching from formal to casual looks effortlessly. Luckily, online retailers and brick-and-mortar outlets gradually sold more comfortable styles of womens V neck cardigans, which allowed the ladies to carry on with their busy daily schedules without feeling any discomfort. Some of the more modern textile blends are not only extremely comfortable, in fact, but also as colourful and figure-hugging as the occasion demands, whatever it may be.

Buying Womens V Neck Cardigans

Any self-respecting fashion retailer will provide an ample selection of cardigans to style for the outfit of your choice. Yet, it's much more important to select those womens V neck cardigans online that match the body shape, rather than the outfit. It's a well-known fact that V-neck tops elongate the neck, so they're best suited to ladies with a short neck. Round-shaped faces are also made to look slightly finer by a V-neckline, which is why those with this facial feature should avail themselves of the opportunity to buy ladies V-neck cardigans.

Though most womens V neck cardigans button-up and drape around the waistline, there are many other types of cardis out there, including coatigans, longline cardigans, slub cardigans, waterfall, oversized and cape cardigans. They can be simple, straight and no-frills, or they can feature tassel hems, faux fur, fluffy textiles, belts, geometric patterns, chequered prints, gingham and various embellishments, such as deer horn buttons, buckles, lacing, embroidery, lace overlay, etc.

Cardis are the cherry on the cake when it comes to coordinating an outfit, and even traditional ones can be swank in the right combination. Crew cardigans, grandfather cardis and boyfriend cardigans never go out of style, and that's why ladies like to pair them with everything from indigo jeans and ankle boots to boho corduroy trousers and cowboy boots.

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