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Womens ponchos, offering choice, elegance and comfort

Ponchos are usually worn as an outer garment, they resemble a shawl or cape, but rather than buttons or a clasp, they have a simple hole for the wearers head. Some have a slit or even full sleeves for the arms, but traditionally the garment is draped over the body in flowing folds. Embellishments are common on womens ponchos, especially tassels, fringes and drawstrings to the neck.

Originally inspired by ethnic designs from Native American peoples, these fashion perennials are now considered to be a classic piece of relaxed tailoring. Women’s ponchos peaked in popularity during the 1970’s when their colourful, beatnik feel fitted in well with that eras fashion ethos.

Since then these very wearable cover-ups have never really been out of style, but over the last few years, more and more couture houses have been adding womens ponchos to their autumn/winter range. The current incarnations are given a contemporary twist by streamlining the lower section so it is less bulky, including a slit down the middle and using top quality fabrics. As most are cut to a generous fit, buying women’s ponchos online is ideal, as shoppers can easily estimate the most suitable size.

Ponchos are often worn for travelling as they are looser than a coat and less bulky, but they are also perfect for everyday protection against the cold. Despite their relaxed quality, more formal womens ponchos made from finer fabrics can look stunning at evening events or weddings.

Womens ponchos available online in many gorgeous colours and fabrics

Buying a poncho in a neutral earthy shade like grey, cream or dark red ensures it will make a great addition to any wardrobe, blending with and complimenting a range of other colours. Choosing the right material for womens ponchos will depend on where they are to be worn, there are three key fabrics to consider.

Cashmere is a soft, luxurious wool made from extremely long fibres, it is obtained specifically from the downy neck area of cashmere goats. Despite its glamorous reputation, cashmere is a practical material, both warm and sturdy, making it an excellent choice for spring through to winter. Cashmere is a more expensive option, but often women are willing to pay extra for a quality accessory. It’s available in many attractive shades, feels incredible against the skin and is machine washable.

Womens ponchos made from Alpaca wool are relatively new to the market, they are hypoallergenic and ideal for people who have sensitive skin. Lamb and sheep’s wool alternatives are a more established option and work well all year round. Womens ponchos made from these textiles are great insulators, but they are also breathable and provide a degree of elasticity.

Silk ponchos are usually worn to evening events as part of an elegant ensemble, they have a fluid quality which means they drape beautifully from the shoulders. Many are enhanced with areas of detailed embroidery and are reminiscent of a traditional Japanese kimono.

Trending now - what to wear with womens ponchos

Modern women wear ponchos in unique, individual ways. With straight leg trousers and a heel they give an air of business-like chic, but worn with leggings and boots the impression is far more casual.

For holidays and warm summer nights, womens ponchos look incredible when styled with gladiator sandals and a denim skirt. Add a wrist cuff or a set of twinkling bangles to brighten up neutral colours.

Womens ponchos are made for layering, on colder days throw one on over a dress, then add some drama with black tights and high boots. Accessorise with a slouchy oversized shoulder bag and you’ve got an effortlessly cool look, wear to shop, meet friends or stroll along the beach.

Wearing womens ponchos in the coming season

Despite having been a fashion staple for many years, the poncho remains a head turning item. This low-key approach to wearing a coat gives women an alternative to their normal chilly-weather wardrobe. Better still it’s an incredibly easy trend to pull off, because regardless of height or body shape, the silhouette remains relaxed and elegant.

Womens ponchos are a go-to item which give any cover-up collection a cool bohemian edge, just take a look through our online shop to find them in a variety of attractive shades and designs.

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