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Crew-neck cardigans

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Womens Crew Neck Cardigans Revealed

When it comes to womens crew neck cardigans, there's no shortage of these fantastic jumpers that fasten up the front. Slip them on when it gets chilly, and take them off in an instant when the sun shows its beaming face from behind the clouds, and never worry about the shivers or flushes you'd feel with other jumpers. Ladies crew neck cardigans are not only the all-purpose tops, but also more important to the outfit, as a whole, than the blouses or shirts they cover. They're made to draw attention to the waist and neckline, and they elongate the torso for a slimmer, taller look. For some a way to dress down, and for others a more flattering alternative to the hoodie or jumper, a crew neck cardigan will never disappoint. With its simple cut, feminine outline and endless choice of colours and patterns, this cardigan can be all you're looking for, and then some.

Whatever the materials womens crew neck cardigans are made of, they generally don't feature a lining or padding underneath, like most sweatshirts and hoodies do. The main distinctive feature for cardigans, in general, is the fact that they're fastened at the front, or have an open, buttonless placket, whereas a jumper or a pullover sweater does not. When it comes to crew neck cardigans, in particular, they feature round necklines without a collar, which is why they look so charming over a collared work shirt or blouse.

Though traditionally crochet, woven or knit, and made of wool, the myriads of womens crew neck cardigans available to buy online these days are made from many other yarns and fabrics, including cashmere, merino, silk, cotton, angora, lambswool, jersey, linen and various synthetic fibres. Aside from the fact that they can now accommodate many more tastes and budgets, they also tend to be much more flattering than their counterparts from a few decades ago.

HowLadiesCardigans Came to Be

Every time we don womens crew neck cardigans, we wear a piece of fashion history. Little did the 7th Earl of Cardigan realise during the Crimean War that the wool waistcoats he had his men wear in the trenches would eventually become tops the ladies would be keen to wear. Initially sleeveless, cardigans soon came in much simpler, lighter and more comfortable designs, and men and women could wear them under their coats. As the fashion industry caught on to the trend and began experimenting with more delicate and form-fitting textures, women eventually found that they could wear their cardis throughout the day, and sometimes even in the evenings, so stylish are modern designs.

Buy Womens Crew Neck Cardigans Online

A crew neck cardigan can be worn as such, or under a coat, but it's only in the first instance that all the qualities of a cardigan can be truly appreciated, colours, textures, embellishments and all. When you buy womens crew neck cardigans online, some of the most important considerations are the body shape and the facial features. As the neckline is just below the collar bones, it tends to bring the chest forward, revealing the neck in all its splendour, but also shortening it visually. Ladies with a long neck and long hair can counteract this effect. This type of cardi also balances out a square jaw-line, whereas oval-shaped faces look better with cowl, boat or sweetheart necklines, and round-shaped faces look best with V-neck cardigans.

Most womens crew neck cardigans found onlineare simple painter cardigans, but some come with much more imaginative cuts, adornments and colour combinations. There's the kimono cardi, the waterfall, the boyfriend cardigan, the traditional chunky cardigan, the oversized cardi, the blanket wrap or poncho-like crew neck cardi, the slub, the cape, the coatigan and the longline cardi. Simple or fringed, belted, buckled, laced-up, with elbow patches, with ribbed edges, with tassel hems, with lace inserts, and fur overlay, the crew neck cardigan is always a fun and youthful addition to a lady's wardrobe. Be it monochrome, colourblock, tribal printed, chequered, floral, with gingham elbow patches or embroidered with contrasting lace, a crew neck cardigan is a lady's second best friend.

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