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Fashionable cardigans for autumn and winter

Worn as part of a trendy layered look or as a simple throw-over - cardigans are wonderful for rounding off an outfit. They are ideal for the time between the seasons: Early in the morning, a cardigan will keep you warm and cosy and later in the day you can easily open it or take it off altogether, once the morning dew has given way to sunshine. Worn with an elegant dress or casual fabric trousers: Different colours and styles make cardigans style multi-talents.

It’s all about the right style

Blandness is a thing of the past. Hip or knee length, with long or half length sleeves: Anything is possible when it comes to women’s cardigans. When selecting the perfect cardigan, it is important to consider the occasion it is intended for and which style will look best on you. A petite woman, for example, will look utterly lost in a floor length cardigan.

Tapered and figure-accentuating

Those who would like to highlight their feminine curves and have narrow shoulders will look best in tailored cardigans. These can be long or short, and a rib-knit hemline or a belt will emphasise a slim waist. Other ways to show off the body shape are highlights like a wrap-around look or accessories. Three-quarter length sleeves lengthen the legs visually and buttons left undone can also look pretty when it comes to cardigans.

Avoid oversized styles if you want to divert attention from wide hips. Don’t choose cardigans that end at hip height, as this will draw the eye to that area.

Loosely draped and casual

If cardigans are intended to create a casual look and to be warm and cosy, they should be worn with tight jeans and slim fitting tops. A loose top worn underneath a voluminous cardigan will hide all shapes and make the body appear unbalanced.

Long cardigans in particular keep getting more and more popular: Whether they are combined with a dress and a pair of boots or with slim fitting trousers - long cardigans are ideal companions for colder days. For some extra warmth in winter, you can easily round off the outfit with a scarf or a hat.

From black and white to red and blue

Simplistic grey or bright colours? We all have to make this choice for ourselves - depending on the season and the outfit. A black jumper and pair of trousers can be easily jazzed up with a colourfulcardigan to create a cheerful look on drab days. Those who appreciate a more daring look, may want to opt for contrasting patterns.

However, for a more modest look, classic hues of black, white and grey can also be combined. Cardigans are a smart item of clothing for a basic or a business outfit and there is so much variety even when the colours are rather discreet. A cardigan can stand out because of an unusual neckline or a striking knitting pattern.

Pockets can also be special eye-catchers. Different shapes and sizes offer plenty of space for essentials - and for your hands when it gets cold.

A Norwegian design, stripes or checked detailing – cardigans no longer have to be plain and boring. It is up to you to choose if you want to stand out or blend in with e.g. the black and white trends.

Cosily warm or a light throw-over

The most comfortable way to spend a cold night is wrapped in a warm blanket, holding a hot mug of tea and wearing a coarsely knit cardigan. Meanwhile, a lighter fabric is ideal for a long cardigan that may be thrown over on the beach to protect against the fresh evening air. The difference between these two is all in the material. The following materials are particularly common:

  • Wool, e.g. mohair
  • Cotton
  • Elastane
  • Synthetic fibres
  • Linen
  • Silk

Fabrics are distinguished not only by their warming properties but also by their finishing and durability. This makes cardigans suitable for a wide range of seasons and occasions - depending on the type of knit and thickness of the material.

There are generally two types: Plant wool includes cotton or linen, however, according to the textile labelling act, only animal fur must be referred to as wool.

The properties of wool depend on the region the animal is from: The colder the environment, the denser the fur and the stronger the warming properties.

Alpaca comes from South American llamas with an extremely dense fur. It is among the warmest wools, and cardigans made from this material are particularly pleasant on the skin, owing to the soft hair texture. Cashmere is rather delicate and known for its high price that is due to the fact that each goat produces only a small amount of cashmere wool. The hairs are unusually short, extremely soft and they feature ideal warming properties.

Mohair is also a type of precious wool that is produced by angora goats. The wool is very dense but lighter than sheep wool - for example merinofrom merino sheep.

Plant fibres

Cotton is highly temperature regulating and moisture permeable, making for cardigans that are breathable and very absorbent. The material is easy to clean and pleasantly soft to the touch. Cotton is also extremely elastic, which means that cardigans made from this material are prone to creasing.

Linen is ideal especially in the summer time: Draped lightly over the skin, it keeps away wind without providing too much warmth.

Further materials

Polyester, polyamide or polyacrylic are synthetic fibres and they are generally warm and easy to care for. However, these are artificial fibres. Synthetic fibres are particularly suitable for fine knits: Airy cardigans that are the perfect addition to any summer outfit or that can be used to create a fashionable winter look.

Combination tips and tricks

If you are among those who think that cardigans can only be combined with jeans and T-shirts, then you have clearly never tried any of these varieties :

  • In winter with a skirt and tights
  • Sportily combined with sneakers or comfortable shoes
  • Worn with a belt to highlight the body shape
  • Making smart dresses suitable for every day wear
  • Smart, eye-catching shoes combined with a modest outfit
  • Worn over a shirt or a blouse for a basic outfit

Compared to jumpers, cardigans can be worn for a broader range of occasions and weather conditions: Buttoned up they keep warm and provide protection from wind and the cold - when cardigans are opened up, they allow for a refreshing chance to cool down.

This is why women’s cardigans are also ideal for a trendy layered look: Adjusting to different temperatures is easier when a number of layers are worn on top of each other. At the same time , this method may also enable you to wear a smart blouse on a colder day. So you have more freedom for creation, combination and for feeling good.

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