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Blouses for a stylish entrance

A white blouse goes with everything. True – but that’s not all. Different colours, cuts and fabricsmake this garment an all-rounder and are an absolute must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. Casually combined with skinny jeans or styled with a chic skirt, blouses are suitable for every type and can be integrated into any style of clothing. They make dressing stylishly in everyday life easier than ever before.

Shirts and blouses. Aren’t they the same thing?

From a visual point of view, the difference at first glance isn’t that huge. Blouses are for women, while shirts are for men. The most obvious difference is the placement of the button placket: A shirt buttons on the right, a blouse on the left.

We need to look back in history to find the reason for that. Most upper class women had a maid who helped them get dressed and buttons fastening to the left was simply easier. For men, on the other hand, having the button placket on the right was more comfortable.

Today – with maids all but gone – these old traditions remain. However, the main difference between blouses and shirts is their cut, which is adapted to the wearer’s anatomy.

Blouses for the right occasion

Women love the almost unlimited abundance of blouses that offer plenty of excuses to fill their wardrobe with new items. No two models are alike – starting with cuts, then different collars and sleeves and finally special decorations. Women’s blouses cover the entire style spectrum:

These tops can rarely be assigned to just one category. Styles usually overlap and make each blouse a unique item of clothing.

A classic look for any occasion

For a meeting, a chic business dinner or a relaxed evening with the girls: A simple white blouse is definitely the right choice. Black blouses are equally suitable for many occasions and can create a new outfit every time with accessories or jackets.

It is entirely up to you, how elegant the outfit should look. The choice of fabric, above all, is key – cotton, for example, is best suited for leisure wear.

Feminine and figure-accentuating

Women, who like to stand out a little, can’t go wrong with a feminine cut . Blouses that are fitted at the waist and in elegant fabrics show off the wearer’s feminine side particularly well. All eyes will also be on blouses decorated with floral patterns and intricate embroidery . Rhinestones and beads, as well as ribbons, scarves and bows, are a welcome change from simple classics with shirt collars.

The length of the sleeves is also important. Along with the obvious difference between short sleeves, long sleeves and three-quarter length sleeves, blouses can also play with the shape of the sleeves. Trendy puffed sleeves as well as well-placed cut-outs can make plain blouses look spectacular - especially with jeans.

Formal occasions for a chic evening

Chic blouses are definitely on the guest list for refined events and festivities. Made from genuine silk or fine satin, they stand out because of their excellent finish. They also come with frills, flounces and ties that are usually tied into an cute bow at the neck.

Complete the look by combining it with a skirt, blazer and elegant pumps to stand out at any event.

Sporty for every day and leisure

Blouses made from casual linen and comfortable cotton are ideal for leisure or the office – the fabrics are comfortable to wear and always look neat. Stripes or checked patterns add an extra splash of colour to everyday life.

And if the weather gets a little cooler now and then, simply slip on a gilet or cosy jumper . The trendy layer look is easily created and allows blouses back into your winter wardrobe.

Collar shapes for every taste

We normally imagine women’s blouses in classic style: long sleeves, standard shirt collars and a fitted cut. Aside from the familiar shirt blouse, these tops can also look quite different: The body blouse, for example, buttons at the crotch for an extra neat look with trousers.

Tunics are great for summer, because they are airy and lightweight and fall loosely around the figure. The tunic is characterised by its button placket, which only comes down to the middle of the top. A blouse shirt is also an alternative for office wear, because it is a happy medium between elegant and casual. Blouses without collars are increasing in popularity – with the following collar shapes most frequently represented:

  • Shirt collar
  • Lapel collar
  • Standing collar
  • Peter Pan collar
  • Ties

There are also many variations and more striking versions of these shapes. Shirt and lapel collars are the classic models. The standing collar, on the other hand, is not often seen on women’s blouses.

The Peter Pan collar is flat with rounded corners. Ties are an extension of the fabric and basically replace the collar. They are usually tied into a loose bow and are a popular accessory for blouses.

From elegant silk to sporty jersey

Sophisticated blouses are often made of pure silk and are very comfortable to wear, thanks to the cool fabric. The fabric is crease-free and lightweight, but surprisingly robust. Only care takes a little more effort, so please take care with cleaning.

Light and airy material is the order of the day for leisure tops and blouses. Cotton and linen are extremely popular and feel pleasantly soft against the skin. Viscose is another great alternative: It feels very similar to cotton, but these blouses are not as warm – a great benefit for hot summer days. The term jersey often appears in this context.

Jersey is a soft, stretchy material that looks very similar to a fabric because of its subtly ribbed pattern. It is often made of viscose blends and is exceptionally smooth.

Viscose is easier to dye and its colour stays intense for longer, which is why it is often used for printed blouses – for which, by the way, artificial fibres like polyester are also excellent. No matter how lovely a white blouse can be: No wardrobe should be without a splash of colour and some trendy patterns.

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