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Felted wool blazers

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Chic Womens Felted Wool Blazers

Blazers are a fashion staple that has captured the hearts of both men and women with their versatility and charm. Resembling suit jackets, they're worn as casual undercoats or conservative workwear by men and women alike. Womens felted wool blazers can be just the thing to round off a smart-casual outfit, but they can prove equally tasteful and appropriate at a business meeting. Boiled wool, which is obtained by compressing wool yarn and fabric into a compact felt texture, is a fantastic alternative to stuffy, rigid and itchy wool knits and weaves, which is all the more reason to don these types of blazers when a conservative business outfit is required. From imposing to laid back styles, ladies blazers come in so many varieties that it's all you can do not to fit in, whatever the occasion. Also, ladies' dress codes are much more flexible than the gentlemen's when it comes to blazers, which gives ladies a bit more leeway when it comes to coordinating their outfits.

How Blazers Took over the World

Once the hallmark of boating club garments, blazers used to be awash with naval motifs, which featured heavily on the buttons, pockets and buckles. They were far more rigid in terms of texture back in 1825, when they were used primarily outdoors, in harsh weather conditions. Airline companies, sports clubs and schools turned them into uniform attire, and they continue to be used as such to this day. Once paired with a dress shirt decorated with a bowtie or tie, they became the iconic British Mod undercoat. From that point on, youngsters were very eager to try them on, especially if they came in leather or other fabrics that were popular at the time. When 'The Beatles' and 'The Rolling Stones' incorporated blazers into their on-stage wardrobes, the style spread like wildfire across the world. Men would pair them with their jeans, chinos, corduroys and suit trousers just as easily as women would don their womens felt wool blazers with dresses, skirts or shorts.

Varieties of Womens Felted Wool Blazers

Womens felted wool blazers are classified based on the number of buttons and the type of breast. In the case of single-breasted blazers, the sides come together at the front at the very centre of the chest, while they tend to overlap with double-breasted blazers. Because double-breasted blazers add a bit of extra girth to the waist, and they're reminiscent of military uniforms, they tend to be reserved for more conservative outfits, and they're worn especially by ladies with slim, long torsos. The single-breasted blazer is slightly more casual, a bit more revealing at times, and certainly far more flattering, producing an hourglass figure even for ladies who are more petite.

When the button of the single-breasted blazer fall right on the waistline, its slimming effect is maximized. Having several buttons on the placket means that the only way to create a figure-hugging fit is to leave the top ones unfastened. On the other hand, double-breasted womens felted wool blazers tend to fasten firmly, and they can't be left unbuttoned in the same way. When the buttons run across the entire placket, from neckline to lower hem, they can create the illusion of a taller figure, provided the breast isn't too wide.

The most popular types of collars you find online for womens felted wool blazers are the notched and the angled shawl collar, the latter of which tends to be especially flattering. Shawl collars are harder to find on felted wool blazers due to the nature of the fabric. The lapels, in turn, are straight, cloverleaf, fish-mouth, peaked or combinations of these. Clover lapels are by far the most feminine ones.

When it comes to the length, womens felted wool blazers will be waist-length, hip-length, cropped or long. Shorter ones are ideal for taller ladies or those who wish to draw attention to the chest area, and they work best over a long shirt or a dress. Blazers that extend to or beyond the hips look very fetching on apple-shaped and petite figures.

Coordinating an Outfit with Womens Felted Wool Blazers

You can expect womens felted wool blazers to last longer than linen, cotton or synthetic blazers, and they're worth paying a bit more for. Felted wool is so versatile that it can be worn alongside any other fabric, from denim to leather. Pair them equally well with shoes made of microfibre or crocodile skin, and don't be afraid to wear a knitted handbag with them, either. Create enticing texture contrasts with silk blouses, denim skirts, velvet handbags, satin belts, etc., or go with matching wool fibres for trouser suits, skirts and dresses.

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