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Women's Scarves by Design

In 1937, Hermes added women's scarves to their line of luxury goods, and introduced the world to the decadence of rich silk fabrics in vivid colours and stunning prints. In 1967, Burberry expanded its famed outerwear line to include luxury goods bearing their distinctive check pattern previously found only in their coat linings. Checked Burberry cashmere scarves became objects of desire. The swirly prints, geometric designs, and bright colours of Emilio Pucci fabrics are major contributors to the concept of womens scarves as works of art.

Women's scarves are among the most versatile accessories of every woman's wardrobe. Scarves made of wispy, sheer chiffons, vibrantly coloured silks, and warm winter-wear woolens add polish and brightness to casual and dressy outfits. Any given scarf can create several different looks depending on where it is worn and how it is tied, wrapped or draped. Chic Parisian women, who know a thing or two about enhancing femininity and expressing personal style, are well-known for their love of scarves and their ability to wear scarves with esprit.

Women's Scarves for All Seasons

Women's scarves come in a virtually endless range of fabrics, colors, patterns and styles. Shopping online is the fast and easy way to browse the wide selection and find one, two, three or more incredibly beautiful scarves that are must-have wardrobe enhancers.

For cool fall nights and chilly winter days, blanket scarves, stoles, and snoods add the perfect mix of warmth and comfort. Burberry blanket scarves, in the traditional Horseferry check or in variations of the iconic print, are just right for adding flair to a favorite coat, although it's difficult to choose between an oh-so-soft cashmere scarf with fringed ends and a luxurious wool-silk blend scarf with frayed edges. Knitted snoods add soft warmth and plush comfort while brightening up outerwear, and faux fur stoles, collars, and cross-over scarves add luxe style and decadent warmth.

For warm evenings and dressy events, lightweight women's scarves are ideal accessories. A silk pashmina draped over the shoulders makes an elegant shawl to wear over a light summer dress on a lazy summer evening. Sheer, filmy scarves with delicately fringed ends create an ethereal, feminine vibe. Silk scarves in vibrant solid colours and spectacular prints come in varying dimensions of squares and rectangles to add fashionable accents to any outfit.

Tie One On - How to Wear Women's Scarves

Women's scarves can be wrapped and tied, looped and tucked, shaped into a bow, or manipulated in any number of ways to create a desired look for any given outfit. Scarves can be used to draw attention to proud cleavage or to provide modesty for a blushing bust. Colourful scarves worn around the neck draw the eye to the face and create a beautiful glow without the use of makeup.

Long, skinny scarves are the perfect shape for tying. Skinny scarves in silky fabrics and colourful prints can be tied around the neck with a triangular Windsor knot and worn like a loosened men's tie. Threaded through belt loops and worn as a sash or belt, a skinny scarf adds a splash of colour and a dash of panache.

Square silk scarves can be worn in numerous different ways. The scarf can be folded in half with the ends tied loosely at the front of the neck and the points hanging down at the back for a shoulder-duster look, or the same folded scarf can be tied at the back for a muffler look. Large silk scarves can be wrapped, tied, and fashioned into halter tops, which is a great way to highlight the beauty of an exquisite print and the natural lustre of the fabric.

Scarves can be worn as bandanas, headbands or hair-ties. A scarf draped around the neck with the ends hanging loosely at the front can be left to peek out from under the lapels of a blazer, or it can be cinched in at the waist under a belt. With the ends tied together, a long rectangular scarf becomes an infinity scarf that loops around the neck as a slouchy snood. With so many possibilities, online shopping is the ideal solution for finding and styling the perfect scarf.

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