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Men's Underwear

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Comfortable men's underwear for day and night


Simple, sporty or seductive – men's underwear should be practical above all else, but that doesn't mean it can’t also look good. Tight fitting briefs for the daytime or casual pyjamas for a comfortable night – the right underwear will keep men happy for longer. Soft cotton is particularly soft on the skin, whereas an elastane content also makes it very cosy.

Everything that goes beneath: Stylish underwear for men

They keep men warm, act as an additional layer of clothing and prevent any uncomfortable chafing: Underwear is a big part of our daily clothing, and men can choose between many different styles of underpants and undershirts. When it comes to details, there are many types of men's underwear available – with a tight fit or plenty of room.

Relaxed throughout the day with comfortable underwear

It is all a matter of taste. Some men prefer warm and snug, while others want freedom of movement and lightweight fabrics. In classic cuts or trendy styles, subtle white or eye-catching colours – Men have plenty of choice when it comes to underwear:

  • Boxer shorts
    These are unbeatable in the comfort department. Boxer shorts are the best choice of underwear for men under loosely fitting trousers, because they are generously cut and comfortable – they are not the best choice under tight jeans as there will be visible lines.
  • Boxer briefs
    Figure-hugging shorts for great wearing comfort. They are a very warm type of underwear to wear under skinny jeans, and their stretchy waistband sits comfortably on the hips.
  • Briefs
    Briefs are underwear without legs that just cover the buttocks – the best choice for sports. Muted colours are your best bet if you don’t want them showing through a light-weight material pair of pants – the nicest underwear still doesn’t have to be on show to the world.
  • Undershirts
    In a tank top style, they can be a warm layer between you and your shirt. They warm the torso on colder days, and absorb moisture and prevent unsightly sweat stains in summer. The undershirt also provides extra protection for outerwear.

Men's underwear often also comes in practical sets, which can contain several underpants or undershirts. All it takes is a few mouse clicks to buy all the underwear you need online.

Feeling great at home

Well dressed for bed: The right men's underwear for restful sleep. It is completely up to you what you want to wear to bed: sleep pants and a top , a full pyjama or just your underpants. When temperatures begin to drop, nightwear becomes a must.

Sleeping in comfortable nightwear is simply better and is a way to leave the day behind. Sweet dreams are guaranteed in soft pyjamas!

The right homewear is also important for comfort on a lazy day. Sports and leisuretime jackets combined with stretchy trousers offer the best freedom of movement. They are a welcome change after a long week wearing a suit – and there is nothing better than wrapping up in an irresistible terry cloth robe after a warm bath in the evening.

Dos and Don'ts for men's underwear

Which model is the best and which colour should I go for? These are things you best decide yourself, but the fashionable amn should keep the following in mind:

  • Wide variety of models:
    There is a good reason for the obvious differences between boxers and briefs. That is why having the right men's underwear for any given occasion it essential.
  • Changing and washing:
    As underwear is washed after every use, every man should have enough pairs at the ready. That will allow you to get rid of worn out models without any qualms.
  • The right shape:
    As comfortable as boxer shorts are, they are not the right choice for under tight jeans and fabric trousers. They will just look unsightly and bunch up; tight fitting briefs are a much better idea.
  • Visible underwear:
    What used to be cool for young people is now a total no-go. Underwear belongs under outerwear: It really doesn’t matter that you love the pattern on those boxer shorts and that the brand logo looks great on those expensive underpants.

Colour choice is also important: If the summer calls for lightweight trousers made of linen or a thin cotton, then skin coloured underwear is best – or really anything but dark colours. Those would shine through – and keep your hands off of loud patterns and bright colours as well!

Off to the beach – swimwear for men

For a beach holiday in the summer or an outing to a thermal spring: these swim shorts are a must-have either way. Casual, wide cut swim shorts are the best option for this kind of outing and generally go down to just above the knee or halfway down the thigh.

Lots of men's swimwear will be decorated with bright colours and original patterns for just the right summer feeling.

Still current after so many years: If you prefer a sporty look, go for tight fitting swimming briefs or trunks. They sit on the hips and snug around the body, which is great for competitions as they don't chafe – you can fully concentrate on speed.

A special styling tip to finish up

As nice as your underwear may be, it will remain hidden under your clothing all day long and won’t really do anything to spruce up an outfit. In addition to traditional accessories, your socks and knee-highs, however, can make a fashion statement.

Go for colourful socks and let these peek out between your shoe and trouser leg if you are feeling brave. A contrast like this is a particularly interesting eye-catcher for shorter jeans and clothing in muted colours – that is how men's underwear can be used to create exciting looks and add colour to everyday looks.

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