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Alternatives for suit trousers and jeans


There are days when suit trousers are much too smart and jeans are much too casual. This may be an issue for you at the office or in your free time. What trousers should you choose for a normal day at the office without any important meetings? And what to wear when the in-laws invite you for coffee and cake on a Sunday afternoon?

Men’s trousers – a wide selection

For business or leisure: Stylish men know that a well-stocked wardrobe also includes a good selection of trousers. Creating variety in your wardrobe means always having the perfect trousers for every occasion within easy reach. There actually are quite a few different styles to choose from:

  • Top pleat trousers
    Top pleat trousers became a classic men’s trousers style in the late 1970s. The pleats in the waist seam at the front offer plenty of freedom of movement. The leg crease is characteristic in top pleat trousers, making them perfect for the office and underlining their professional image.
  • Fabric trousers
    Fabric trousers are usually modelled on the popular 5-pocket style of their denim counterparts. They are, however, made with a more lightweight cotton fabric than denim. That is why this type of men’s trousers is generally available in many colours, with lighter shades popular in summer.
  • Chinos
    Chinos are a fashionable take on fabric trousers. Their cut is characterised by diagonal slit pockets, buttoned back pockets and a leg that tapers down to a slim fit at the bottom.
  • Cord trousers
    As men’s trousers go, cord trousers are best worn in autumn and winter. The striped texture of the cord fabric can look quite elegant when presented in muted colours and will look good at festive occasions.
  • Functional trousers
    As their name suggests, these men’s trousers don’t just look stylish, they are also functional. They can be made if quick-drying material that ensures a good moisture exchange if worn for sports activities. Or they might come with an extra warm lining like the one used in thermal trousers.
  • Cargo trousers
    Cargo trousers are trendsetters in young urban fashion, but are also very practical for sports and leisure activities. Robust, with a comfortable cut and the characteristic pockets, cargo trousers are a casual must-have for active men.
  • Shorts and bermudas
    Men’s trousers for summer: Why not show a little leg when the weather gets hot. Elegant bermudas, with legs ending five centimetres above the knee are just the ticket. Their cut is an interpretation of the style of jeans or chinos. That is why they come with 5 pockets or with diagonal slit pockets. Shorts are not a good choice to wear at formal or special events.

Sweatpants have recently found their way into men’s fashion, and have become a typical wardrobe item for young urban men. Sweatpants are one thing above all else: comfortable. They have their place in sports or at home on the couch.

Narrow or wide leg?

The various trouser types mentioned here by no means cover the entire spectrum of men’s trousers. You will also have to decide on the fit you want. You can choose what you like best, what is most fashionable or what best suits your body type. High-end men’s trousers are usually offered in the following fits:

  • Regular
  • Slim
  • Comfort

"Regular Fit" describes men’s trousers with a classic look: standard rise, straight leg and a standard fit. "Slim Fit" means a low rise, narrow cut with slim legs. Many slim fit models are made with a material with a stretch content to ensure comfort. These material blends also prevent bagginess in the knee area. If you value comfort, then you should definitely choose a "Comfort Fit“. These men’s trousers will sit casually on the hips and feature roomy upper legs.

Measure around your waist and your inside leg length to find the right size for you. Shortening a trouser leg won’t be a problem if the leg length isn’t quite right.

How do I accessorise trousers correctly?

You can change the look of any pair of men’s trousers simply by accessorising. Pleated-front trousers, cord trousers or fabric trousers in summer are all a good choice for the office or semi-formal occasions. Especially when you combine them with a nice shirt, smart-casual jacket and leather shoes. Cord trousers will also look great with a knit jumper, and fabric trousers with a T-shirt – both outfits create an elegant, casual leisure look.

Any outfit can be accentuated with accessories like belts, socks or cravats and scarves .

Why not try one of the latest trends and roll up your chinos a little to show your ankles! That look is best suited for leisuretime activities like a stroll around town – and looks particularly well with sneakers and ankle socks, loafers and – if you like – with stylish leather shoes.

Short trousers look best with airy short-sleeve shirts or T-shirts. Create a super casual look with canvas shoes or moccasins. No matter how hot it is, they really aren’t the right choice for the office: Bermudas do look stylish with a smart-casual jacket and shirt, but there aren’t many men, who can pull off an outfit like that.

Men’s trousers – plenty of materials to choose from

The combination options for men’s trousers really depend on the material they are made of. That is an important point to consider when choosing an outfit. High-quality men's trousers are predominantly made with natural materials for best comfort. A specific look is achieved with special finishes and dyes.

Cotton is probably the most used material for men’s trousers. Cotton is spun into finest threads , which are used to make soft and robust fabrics that can take the odd downpour in its stride. Adding just a little bit of elastane to the blend makes the material extra comfortable. Cord and denim are cotton materials as well.

In terms of combination options, cotton is a true multi-talent. Important to note are the thickness of the fabric and its structure.

Linen is a natural, particularly lightweight fabric made of flax fibres. Its cooling properties make the material a popular summer favourite. The rule is: combine natural with natural. In other words: linen looks best with lightweight cotton fabrics or with denim.

Men's trousers made of fine virgin wool look great with a luxurious silk shirt, a stylish cotton shirt or a fine-knit jumper. Heavier wool fabrics should be matched with stronger materials, for example a chunky-knit jumper. Who says styling is not an issue for men?

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