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Men's Tops

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Men's tops – the stylish casual look


Men's tops are the core piece of any man’s casual outfit . They look just as good underneath a smart-casual jacket as they do under jumpers. They also look great on their own: sporty, elegant, in stylish colours. The high quality, soft materials and a perfect fitted finish also ensure comfort.

Men's tops or shirts?

Make sure you choose the right outfit for the right event, and you will always be tastefully dressed. For men, that generally means: A smart-casual or suit jacket with matching trousers, combined with shirt and tie. The shirt is the centrepiece of every outfit. For the longest time, men didn’t have much choice in that department.

That was until the 1930s, when tennis player René Lacoste came up with his famous "Lacoste shirt" – the beloved polo shirt, with was designed with the jersey in mind that polo players in India used to wear. This shirt is incredibly breathable and comfortable, yet looks presentable and formal enough to wear with a suit.

It managed to quickly find its place in trendy men's wardrobes – and many new varieties were born: from classically elegant to casually sporty. High-quality, elegant men's tops have become commonplace at the office whenever the calendar allows.

Great selection of colours and shapes

Men's tops are incredibly versatile. Various cuts and collar shapes add more fashion options. Generally speaking, men's tops can be divided into the following categories:

  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-shirts

The long sleeve shirt, also known as the long sleeve, is a simple top with long sleeves. It comes with a crew neck or V-neck, in plain colours or with patterns e.g. stripes. Its mostly basic shape makes it a great choice under jumpers or – for a more elegant look – combined with a slim fit smart-casual jacket or suit jacket. Turtleneck long sleeves are particularly attractive.

The polo shirt

Fitted with a collar and a short button placket, the polo shirt comes closest to the traditional business shirt. As polo shirts come in virtually every colour these days, men can use them as stylish outfit highlights. Polo shirts go really well with denim – especially with stripes for the perfect casual look.

Sporty clothing

Sweatshirts can be a good casual replacement for classic wool jumpers. They look very sporty and attractive with their long sleeves, often come with a zip and hood, and are very comfortable to wear. Their superior comfort is due to their high cotton content. T-shirts for men are also great for sports, as they fit nicely under sweatshirts.

T-shirts have short sleeves, a crew neck or V-neck and are often decorated with a stylish print . They are a must-have basic item in every man's wardrobe.

The colours for men's tops change every season. Classic and muted colours are always popular choices: these include white, black, dark blue or anthracite. Other colour favourites are red, green and grey. Sporty stripes never go out of style.

No two tops are the same – the materials

The popularity of men's tops has made them mass produced goods. They can be picked up very cheaply virtually anywhere. The quality difference when it comes to big name brand products is, however, enormous.

The highest quality men's tops are generally made of the finest cotton. Elastane is often also added for modern, figure-hugging fits – which also makes them more comfortable to wear. Polyester content makes clothing easy to clean and crease-resistant, which is a good idea for travelling and sports.

The quality of men's tops is best gauged by their colour fastness. Men's tops are generally machine washable – the colours should not fade.

Mix-and-Match talents

Men's tops are unbeatable when it comes to versatility. They can be added to a wide variety of styles and completely change the way you dress. A simple black top can look sleek and elegant when worn with a suit – or wear the same top with jeans to create a casual, yet chic look.

The same goes for high-quality polo shirts: they look just as good with denims as they do with chinos . That same polo shirt can be worn very casually for a lazy day at home with a pair of jogger pants.

Those who like to wear polo shirts with jumpers can use a contrasting coloured collar as a stylish highlight.

The long sleeve version with crew neck is perfect under jumpers, making it invisible but very comfortable to wear. And last but by no means least: they also look great worn on their own.

How do I find the right fit?

Finding the right fit is essential for men's outerwear. Just like with jackets and trousers, you can choose tips from a wealth of designs and styles to suit your personal taste and body shape. They include:

  • Comfort fit / Wide fit
  • Regular fit / Comfortable fit
  • Slim fit / Figure-hugging fit

Men's tops should be neither too tight nor too loose to look their best. Instead, they should gently flow around the body, which also ensures the best comfort.

Finding the perfect size

Make sure to measure various key areas of your body before you order your future favourite top. The same applies if you think you know your size – just to be sure that the manufacturer's sizes are a match. It is always a good idea to get someone to help you take your measurements.

This is what you should do: Hold the measuring tape snug, but not too tight around the following body parts: The collar width and the chest circumference. Measure your neck circumference loosely under the Adam's apple, keeping a finger's width between the tape and the skin. , Place the measuring tape around the widest part of your chest to measure the the chest circumference. The length of men's tops is measured from the neckline to the hem.

Style highlights

With smart-casual jackets, denim jackets or leather jackets: Men's tops are the perfect companion for business and leisure. They finish off a wide variety of styles and depending on the combination, can become eye-catching highlights. Because of the quality and durability of the materials, combined with a high-quality finish, these basics offer comfort, longevity and resistance to passing trends.

A good selection of men's tops in a variety of colours and styles will never let you down – even if you don’t have time to think about an outfit.

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