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Suits – a must-have for the trendy man


Just as dresses are the archetypal women’s garment, suits are a must for men. At the office or at an elegant event: you can’t go wrong with a classic suit. Excellent fit and special details emphasise the male physique, creating an extravagant look. Sophisticated, elegant, stylish – the perfect attire for trendy men.

The secret of men’s suits: The perfect fit

No matter how expensive the suit – it will only really look good if it fits perfectly. There are a couple of guidelines to follow when buying a new suit:

  • Lapels
    The lapels should lie snug around the nape of the neck, allowing around a centimetre of shirt collar to show. The jacket is too big if there is a noticeable gap between the shirt and jacket collar.
  • Shoulders
    The most important fit in terms of suits, because they can’t be altered. The shoulder area should follow a straight line. The seam can fall slightly over the wearer’s shoulders.
  • Chest area
    Here’s an easy test: The jacket must not pull across the chest if the button is closed. Men’s suits also don’t look great if they are too big: There should not be more than a fist’s width between your chest and the jacket.
  • Waist
    A men’s suit that is too tight will pinch in around the waist with the button closed. A fitted cut can, however, look great on the right figure, because it emphasises the male torso shape.

The right sleeve length is easy to find: With both arms hanging on your sides, the sleeve should end on the back of the hand, at the base of the thumb. The shirt cuff can protrude about a centimetre. The length of the suit jacket depends on the cut and style of the suit. A classic length suit jacket should end at the hips. The length is perfect if you can hold the hemline of the suit jacket with your arms hanging by your sides.

It doesn’t seem like rocket science: Just choose the right size and colour to find your perfect men’s suit. Who would have thought that there is so much more to it? In terms of fit, men’s suits differ based on their cuts:

  • Regular - classic
  • Slim fit - sporty
  • Skinny fit - modern

And then you can choose one, two or even three buttons for the suit jacket. This will decide whether the suit will have a classic or sporty style. Men’s suits work well combined with matching shirts or tops to create an elegant look – at the office or for an evening event. A matching waistcoat will add extra stylish flair.

Traditionally, most suits are made from cotton materials. Some more exceptional materials for an exciting look are tweed, jersey, linen, cord, flannel or denim.

Small accessories – big effect: The right way to accessorise men’s suits

Tasteful accessories will allow you to emphasise your personal style. In general, the “less is more” rule definitely applies for men’s suits. Think about the following if you don’t want to look overdressed:

Let’s start at the bottom.

Shoes are the most important accessories for men. Men’s suits look best with classic leather or patent shoes in dark colours. If the occasion allows, sophisticated shoes can also be swapped for trainers or fine ankle boots.

Socks play an important role too: They should always be colour-coordinated with the suit, i.e. usually a shade darker. Men who feel more daring when it comes to colour can choose colourful or patterned socks.

Small, but perfectly formed: The right details make the difference

The choice of tie is where opinions often differ. The classic choice is a broad tie model in a muted colour or with a checked or striped pattern. Men who want to stand out more can reach for a narrow, plain tie . A bow tie is the only tie that should be worn with a tuxedo. In a trendy dandy style, bow ties also look great with three-piece suits or simply with braces and a shirt.

Cuff links are your opportunity to show style and personality. They should always be made of quality materials, for example silver . Kerchiefs add a touch of freshness to a sombre business look. A colour-coordinating silk kerchief folded into a triangle and inserted into the breast pocket will do wonders for your overall look. Watches and belts are signals of style and taste.

Perfectly in shape: Care and cleaning tips

You really don’t have to wash a man’s suit after every wear. As long as no stains are visible, dry cleaning 1-2 times a year is sufficient. Simply airing out your suit for a few hours will often be enough to remove odours. Steam ironing can also help freshen up you suit jacket and trousers and removes creases for the next outing.

Anyone, who wears men’s suits regularly should have them cleaned as needed. Please remember that each cleaning weakens the fibres and thins the fabric. A little elbow grease will often be enough: Small stains can be removed from a men’s suit with a damp cloth and gentle soap.

Long live the suit: How to store suits correctly

Storing men’s suits correctly is essential for keeping them looking great for a long time – hanging is always recommended. The coat hanger for the suit jacket should be rounded and fill the shoulder section completely. Only then will the shoulder padding retain its shape long-term. Suit trousers should be hung on a trouser hanger with the crease folded correctly to avoided wrinkles.

A men’s suit should never be left lying over a chair after wearing. Hang it up neatly – that will help keep its shape and looking sharp.

The use of a suit bag is recommended if a men’s suit is not worn regularly. A suit bag will keep the fabric dust-free and protects the colour against fading. For long-term storage, e.g. over the winter months, a vacuum bag is your best bet. It will additionally protect men’s suits from moths and mould.

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