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Men's Sports jackets

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Sports jackets – reliable all-day companions

A jacket that always works: A well-fitted men’s sports jacket looks great at any occasion. For festive or formal events, it is worn with matching suit trousers, while for a more casual look it can be combined with fabric trousers or jeans. Depending on the sports jacket’s design and details it can be used to create a wide range of looks - while never compromising on an appearance of stylish elegance.


The many faces of men’s smart-casual or sports jackets

Sport’s jackets close with buttons at the front. They typically feature a steeply angled lapel collar and additional buttons on the sleeve ends. Two side pockets are either attached as patch pockets or integrated at waist height. A third pocket is located in the chest area on the left - for a little kerchief.

The cut

Modern sports jackets have a narrower cut than their traditional peers. The lapel is shorter and narrower. We differentiate between the American and the British cut:

  • American cut: two buttons, central back slit
  • British cut: three buttons, two back slits

Suit jackets may feature an additional ticket pocket above the side pocket on the right. Tailored sports jackets allow for the buttons on the sleeve ends to be opened or closed to taste.


Subtle variations can be a great pleasure and provide some welcome variety to a man’s wardrobe, especially because these classic jackets have such strong recurring characteristics. There is a number of styles that have emerged throughout the long tradition of men’s sports jackets as an essential part of western men’s wear.

In the area of business wear, often associated with big cities, men’s sports jackets are most commonly made of smooth, fine cloth in muted colours. They range from dark anthracite via lighter shades of grey to dark blues - to match a suit and shirt in a light colour.

Some men’s sports jackets are inspired by traditional costumes for a very unusual style. These jackets are made of loden cloth with a standing collar and horn buttons and enjoy increasing popularity.

Men’s sports jackets are often worn for leisure and semi-formal events. Coarser and mottled fabrics are commonly used. These jackets are available in a broader selection of colours, ranging from greens through to browns and possibly patterns.


Summer sports jackets are made of cotton or airy linen-and-silk blends. Men’s blazers made from particularly soft materials are very warm and pleasant to wear in autumn and winter. Polyester and viscose blends are common.

High quality tweed sports jackets that can weather the occasional shower of rain are made of the famous Scottish tweed. This fabric has a very special look and is extremely durable.

What is the best way to wear a sports jacket?

At a business meeting, a family celebration or our for a walk or romantic date: A man in a high quality sports jacket is perfectly attired for any occasion. Men’s sports jackets are not just versatile - if they are correctly fitted, they are very comfortable too.


A men’s sport jacket looks sophisticated and elegant on its own and as part of a suit. It radiates charm and gives the wearer a hint of casual nonchalance. The following styles are recommended for specific occasions:

  • Festive occasion
    For festive events, it is essential to be dressed appropriately. Depending on the dress code that is usually referenced in the invitation, men will rarely be able to do without a suit: This means a sports jacket, matching trousers, shirt, tie - and the perfect outfit is complete. A coat may be added on colder days.
  • Workplace
    Suits are also expected in many office working environments. However, these often allow for more variation when it comes to the tops worn underneath the jacket - a fine-knit jumper with a shirt or a smart turtleneck jumper instead of a shirt. In industries with less stringent dress codes, men also like to wear sports jackets with fabric trousers like chinos and increasingly often also with jeans.
  • Leisure
    Leisuretime is a time for comfortable clothing. A casual shirt or a polo shirt with jeans - combined with various sports jackets like a gingham or a tweet jacket - for a look that is both casual and smart. For a casual look, sports jackets can look great with coarse knitwear.

The buttons - getting it right

Sports jackets can be worn open or buttoned up. In the latter case, regardless of the jackets style, men should observe one rule: Never close the lowest button. In the case of an American style jacket with two buttons, that means that only the top button is used. For a British style blazer with three buttons, either the middle button or the two top buttons can be done up.

A perfect fit - finding the correct size

Important measurements for jackets are the back length, arm length, shoulder width and chest circumference. Use a measuring tape to to find your personal measurements and compare these to the size table shown for each product to ensure you buy the right size.

Don’t pull the measuring tape too tightly and avoid it squeezing anywhere. This way it can be sure that the jacket will fit comfortably.

An attractive extra – the gilet

Up until the early 20th century, the gilet used to be an essential part of a suit. It is a style that continues to be popular to this day. However, gilets are also frequently worn on their own as part of a casual outfit. The sleeveless gilets are worn over shirts. According to tradition, the bottom button always remains undone, just like in a sports jacket.

When worn as part of a suit, a gilet will emphasise the formal and correct appearance of the outfit. When combined with a checked or otherwise patterned shirt for a leisuretime outfit, a gilet will create a smart-casual look. One thing is certain: A man wearing a gilet with a sports jacket is a man aware of fashion in menswear and who likes to look sharp.

Gilets tend to be optional these days - they are an expression of a particular style. Men’s sports jackets, on the other hand, are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. There is a wide choice, so it is easy to find the right jacket for any type and any occasion.

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