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Men's Shoes

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Men's shoes for an elegant or sporty look


Listen up, guys: Many women find unsightly shoes on men to be an absolute deal breaker! But it really isn't that hard to dress well. How about oxfords or derbies for a classic style, or maybe some comfortable sneakers or warm boots? Men's fashion has never been this multi-faceted. There are some things you should know to make sure that you are dressed well wherever you go.

Shoes for trendy men

Shoes are more than just something you need – they are also a status symbol and reflect the wearer's personality. Studies have show that shoes paint a pretty accurate picture of a person’s character: Is this someone, who is open minded or shy? Shoes can also hint at the emotional state and openness of a person – scientists can also guess the political views of a person just by their shoe selection.

The cliché that women have absolute masses of shoes is one that many women are happy to live with. And why not? Men now also have a great selection of models to choose from and when it comes to shopping, they are not very far behind women. Elegant or sporty, the most popular choices are:

  • Lace-ups
  • Slippers
  • Sneakers
  • Boots and ankle boots

Lace-ups in particular are available in many designs – and it doesn't always have to be those cliché men's lace-ups for bankers.

Salvation on hot days: Let the summer come

When the temperature rises and stays that way, jackets are more often than not left in the wardrobe and the evenings are spent with a cool drink on the patio. That is when the more breathable shoes need to come out. As most people will agree, sandals are generally a no-go for men, and a good alternative must be found.

The must-haves for men

Classics like the derbys are an absolute must-have in every man’s wardrobe. A soft suede finish in particular will ensure a more sporty look, and is very easy to combine – plus it looks good at the office. Classic men's oxfords usually have decorative details and perforations, making them a perfect choice to wear with a suit.


No closures or laces make slippers the best and most comfortable choice for special occasions. A popular version of these are loafers, which feature a firm sole and a small heel that make them an advancement of the moccasin style. Moccasins were originally worn by Native Americans and are mostly made of raw leather. They offer excellent style and comfort for everyday wear.

Airy and without socks

A sole made of woven reeds with a linen upper – sounds exotic? It is the perfect choice for the summer! Espadrilles keep the feet cool and also ensure the most casual look for leisure. Men can wear them with chinos and a lightweight shirt. But these shoes should stay at home when it rains.

Regular linen shoes with a sole made of rubber are also breathable and are also best to wear without socks. They are sturdier than espadrilles, which makes them great for days, when you will be on your feet for a long time.

Those who like things a bit more sporty ...

...will go for sneakers! Modern and summery in white or suede in dark colours – the choice is yours. Once only used for sports, sneakers have become so much more: They are the most comfortable choice for everyday wear and leisure activities, but can also be dressed up.

High quality leather and plain black models can make sneakers go nicely with a shirt to make up a more elegant outfit. However, the more traditional men's shoes are still your best bet for dress code events.

Snow, rain showers and foul weather

Once the days start to cool down and the winter jackets come back out, it will be best to choose a more substantial shoe once again. Reminiscent of the old work boot, there are many models with different shaft heights and in various materials for a very masculine look.

For casual everyday wear or a bit of elegance at the office – chelsea boots are the answer. They look good with casual outfits and are the perfect choice for business looks as well.

Classic ankle boots that reach over the ankle are another must-have for the colder season. Perforated patterns, buckles and studs create a unique style: This makes boots anything but traditional winter boots. Careful brushing, cleaning and storage will maintain the leather in top form for longer and also protects feet against the cold.

How should men's shoes be stored when they are not being worn?

It is no coincidence that shoe cabinets come in all colours and shapes: Shoes should not be thrown just anywhere in the home, where they will get dusty and in the worst case scenario become a tripping hazard. But what should we be thinking about?

  • Light-protected storage
    Direct sunlight dries out the leather and will make the shoes uncomfortably hard, because the material changes drastically.
  • Use a shoe tree
    This practical device will prevent pressure points and creases, allowing men's shoes to keep their pristine appearance indefinitely. The material will not lose its shape.
  • Place them next to each other
    No matter how little space you have for your shoes, you should never stack them on top of each other. That puts pressure on the material, leather gets scratched and the shoes will lose their shape.

Men's shoes that are not worn very often are generally better stored inside shoe boxes. You save space in the shoe cabinet and keep them safe from harm. Wet shoes must always be dried before storage and should never be put away while they are still damp – stuff them with newspaper and allow them to dry naturally away from sunlight or heaters. The moisture to be absorbed gently and the material will not be stressed by external heat.

The right care and storage will ensure that men's shoes keep their appearance for longer so they can perfectly enhance every outfit. Classic low shoes, sneakers or lace-up boots: Comfortable shoes make everybody happy.

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