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Men’s shirts – a must-have for every man


Stylish under a smart-casual jacket or matched with a cosy jumper: When it comes down to details, men’s shirts vary greatly and are suitable to wear at elegant events or casually at the office. But how do you know which style goes with which occasion? There are countless cuts, colours and collar shapes to suit absolutely any outfit.

The big, wide world of men’s shirts

They are at least as varied as women’s blouses and indisputably the classic men’s garment. Shirts in every possible variation and style conquered men’s fashion many years ago and remain a must for fashion-conscious men to this day.

Men can choose a classic fit or a fitted look. Both versions are elegant, but a slim-fit is better suited for men with a very slim build. Shirts of the comfort or regular look good on any body type. Colour is the deciding factor for men’s shirts:

  • Plain colour
    White men’s shirts are indispensable and are the centrepiece of fashion. It’s hard to go wrong with this colour, because matches jumpers, trousers and ties in any colour and with any pattern. Shades of blue are also a good choice: They are perfect for the office or for a job interview.
  • Checked
    Once the “uniform” of lumberjacks, the checked shirt has become the perfect casual shirt for everyday use. Worn casually in Western style or under a jumper for a more sophisticated look – mix and match your checked shirt to create a completely new look.
  • Striped
    Business as usual? Sure, but worn with a plain colour jumper, a striped men’s shirt can also look super trendy. Pinstripe shirts clearly come under the suit category and look respectable and elegant.
  • Denim shirt
    Worn with black jeans or linen trousers, the denim shirt makes for a welcome change to classic men’s shirts. It comes with a Kent collar, which means you won’t have to compromise on style: Worn open or buttoned up, the denim fabric makes the shirt genuinely eye-catching.

Men’s shirts also come in bright colours and striking patterns – but these create a more casual look and may not be suitable for every occasion. The sleeve length is another important factor: Short-sleeved shirts may be comfortable in summer, but a long sleeve business shirt will definitely be the better choice for formal events.

The most important fashion questions about men’s shirts

You can get a lot right with a shirt – but it’s also amazing how much you can get wrong. Nothing is worse than an unfortunate combination of patterns or a sporty men’s shirt worn at a formal dinner. A few tips and tricks will help you avoid these pitfalls and will have you looking great wherever you go

Collars, buttons and ties – what to look out for.

The shirt collar is crucially important, especially with suits. A seemingly classic white shirt can suddenly become sporty – and it is all down to the shape of the collar. These collar types are the most popular:

  • Kent collar
  • Shark collar
  • Button-down collar

The popular Kent collar or the slightly flared shark collar are super elegant and look great with a tie. Button-down collars, on the other hand, create a more sporty look and a good leisuretime choice – they don’t look that great with a tie.

Rolled up sleeves?

On hot summer days or simply to keep clean: Rolled up sleeves are no longer a fashion no-no – instead, they highlight a casual, trendy look. Rolled up sleeves now also appear at formal events – and are still definitely a better idea than a short-sleeve shirt.

Never roll up your sleeves under a smart-casual jacket or suit jacket. Pushed up sleeves look messy and unprofessional and should always be avoided.

Roll up your sleeves to your forearm or just above your elbow. make sure that both sleeves look the same. Shirt sleeves must be crease-free before they are rolled up, which means you should do that straight after washing and ironing.

Try the Italian method if you like shirts with patterned sleeve cuffs: Pull the cuffs all the way up over your elbow and then roll up the folded part of the sleeve. Now fold down the cuff over the rolled up part.

What to do when it gets hot

While men’s shirts are great under a jumper, waistcoat or smart-casual jacket in winter, everything changes when summer arrives. Try wearing a vest if you are one of those men, who always have to be professionally dressed and who can’t even have a little relief from rolled up sleeves.

A vest creates a soft, moisture-absorbent layer that prevents unsightly sweat patches on the shirt. Cotton is your best bet, but the colour should match the shirt. A slim fit vest will be almost invisible under the shirt.

Linen shirt – go or no go?

The linen shirt is a more comfortable alternative to the stiff fabrics of men’s business shirts and is ideal for relaxed summer evenings and hot days at the office. It usually comes in a comfortable fit to allow air circulation, but will still look smart and professional. How about a light coloured, mottled shirt with dark suit trousers?

And an important question to finish

How many buttons can be left open on a men’s shirt? What looks good and what is too much? That depends entirely on the occasion and your personal taste – but consider this as a general rule: You are definitely on the safe side with all the buttons done up.

Undoing the top button is ok at the office - but you better stop there. You can allow yourself more freedom in your private life, but you should still keep things classy.

None of that is an issue for the true gentleman: He closes all the buttons without fail and wears his shirt with a matching tie. In some of the more creative professions, men now wear narrow collars completely buttoned up. The statement shirt for them doesn’t need a tie to look stylish and elegant.

As a general rule, you should feel comfortable in your clothes, no matter what style you choose. Open the top button if you feel too restricted and create your very own, individual style. After all: men’s shirts are essential attire for the trendy man.

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