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Men's Leather clothing

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Men's leather clothing with flair


Leather is a natural product that will never go out of fashion. Tanned hides can be processed in so many ways, that clothing made of leather can be found in most wardrobes – in various styles, colours and shapes. One thing is for certain, when it comes to men's leather clothing: it is masculine, distinctive and durable. Which means it the perfect statement piece for the sophisticated, modern man.

Which is the best leather for men's leather clothing?

High-quality leather is soft, durable and smooth. Hides from cattle, calfs, goats, sheep and pigs are most commonly used; they are a by-product of the food industry. Depending on the animal, leather can have different characteristics that make it particularly suitable for certain types of clothing.

  • Boots and spacious bags are mostly made using firm cow leather. It is robust and easy to clean.
  • Leather gloves are often made of finest sheep and goat leather, because it is thinner than cow leather. Buffalo leather is used for a sporty look.
  • In men's leather clothing, leather jackets, leather gilets, leather coats and even trousers are usually made of lamb nappa. It is very soft and supple. It also retains high colour brilliance.
  • Traditional Bavarian “lederhosen” are made of deerskin. Due to very high demand, manufacturers also sometimes use cow leather.

You can open anyone’s wardrobe and you will be sure to find at least one item made of leather – even if it is just a belt or a wallet.


Tanning animal skins is one of the oldest crafts known to man. Up to the 20th century, there were virtually no alternatives for animal-based raw materials. To this day, skins are still elaborately processed in many individual steps: The tanning is done using plant-based materials, mineral salts, fats or sometimes synthetic tanning materials. This process ends with the leather being sanded and cleaned to achieve its smooth, soft exterior, while still maintaining its natural grain pattern .

The tanning agents are permanently absorbed by the skin during the tanning process, making it resistant against decomposition by micro organisms.

How do I recognise high quality leather clothing?

High-quality nappa can usually be recognised by the way it feels. Does it feel buttery soft, warm and natural ? The better the leather, the higher the quality. You can also tell quality leather by its tensile strength, a factor which differs significantly between split and grained leather. Appearance also plays an important role: High-quality leather items have a natural, flawless exterior.

All-round talent: leather jacket

The leather jacket is probably the most popular item of men's leather clothing. A few decades ago, leather jackets were symbolic for a non-conformist and rebellious youth. These days, they are a must-have for classic men's outfits.

Combinations made easy

Leather jackets can be combined with virtually any outfit. With jeans, wool trousers, a shirt, T-shirt, with sneakers or dress shoes – these jackets will always look great, provided they suit the wearer. Once you have found the right jacket for you, you’ll never want to be without it. Designs are often inspired by military looks from the early 20th century, when pilots discovered robust, windproof and warm leather jackets for themselves.

Men's jackets in military style often have a longer cut and feature several patched flap pockets. Their colours range from a variety of brown hues to black. An elaborate finish combined with intentional used effects give the leather its trendy vintage look. And it reinforces the impression that this jacket has been a part of the wearer's wardrobe for years.

Decorative quilted seams add distinctive style to a jacket – from sporty and casual to elegant. Standing collar, rugged zips and snap buttons create a masculine, distinctively hands-on look.

The leather gilet is a practical item of men's leather clothing. As it is sleeveless, it looks great over a jumper or shirt. It warms the upper body without being restrictive and the many practical pockets offer plenty of room for useful everyday items.

Finding the right fit

To look good, leather jackets – like any other men's leather clothing – should never be too tight or too loose fitting. A comfortable fit is very important, as men's leather clothing is just as popular in summer as it is in winter, and looks just as good over a T-shirt as it does over a thick jumper.

Get out the measuring tape and measure your chest circumference, back length and waist, and for some men it will make sense to measure the shoulder width and arm length as well. These measurements will help you find the right model size.

Don’t pull the measuring tape to tightly and avoid it squeezing anywhere. Only then will you make sure that the leather jacket will fit just right.

The right care for men's leather clothing

Once you have found your perfect leather clothing, you will have to care for it correctly to keep it looking good for years to come. Some types of leather come with a special treatment that allows machine washing. In most cases, however, high-quality leathers should be sent to a specialist cleaning service.

Men's leather clothing can also be wiped down with a damp cloth from time to time, for example to get rid of accumulated dust. Make sure not to leave any wet spots on the leather, because they could leave unsightly marks after drying out. High-quality men's leather clothing can withstand a rain shower without any problem – as long as the leather is properly dried afterwards: never dry it on a heater - smooth leather will dry best when rubbed down with a dry cloth, while suede benefits from hanging out to dry or wearing until it is dried out.

Men's leather clothing – an investment for years to come

High-quality leather jackets not only symbolise masculinity and elegance, they also represent lasting durability. Some signs of wear can enhance the look of men's leather clothing. This special patina is desirable for many, because it gives the leather jacket a unique look.

Men's leather clothing is not just a good investment for one season. It has the potential of becoming an all-time wardrobe favourite, which is why it is worth taking your time to select the perfect leather jacket for you. The right leather jacket is much more than just another piece of clothing for many men: it becomes a daily companion, part of a personal style, a distinguishing feature.

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