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Men's Jeans

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Sophisticated men's jeans for any occasion


Fast-moving trends and an unlimited choice of clothing – and yet: jeans are - and have always been - a must-have for men and women. And they don’t have to be blue denim with a straight cut either: Men's fashion prides itself creating new and eye-catching models all the time. Light colours in a casual style or dark classics - the main thing to focus on is that the jeans fit like a glove and flatter the figure.

Which cut suits me best?

Fashion and style are no longer just women's issues. Modern men spend a lot of time wondering what to wear as well. Who doesn't want to own a pair of perfectly fitted trousers and an attractive shirt to create a trendy look? Men can choose from a variety of jeans models:

  • Boot cut
    Slim around the thighs and flared towards the bottom – a flattering look for any type of male figure. The boot cut style looks very casual and relaxed.
  • Loose fit
    An insider tip for the heavier-set gentleman: a relaxed cut, characterised by a comfortable leg width and overall fit.
  • Slim fit
    Typically “skinny jeans” - close-fitting and snug. The slim shape of skinny jeans is more suited to slimmer men, as they highlight body shape.
  • Regular fit
    The traditional trouser shape with a straight leg that accentuates body shape. It is hard to go wrong with this model – it is most men’s go-to choice and is super versatile in terms of outfits.

Here's our tip to get the size right: get a measuring tape and measure. Even if you think you know your trouser size, mistakes are easily made and you may have to use a belt to make the outfit work. There will be unsightly creases and you will feel uncomfortable - which an be easily avoided by simply getting out the measuring tape.

What is the best way to wear jeans with boots? This is how it works

Boots are an absolute must-have for men in the winter and have long since become a permanent addition to the fashion world. Create a stylish look with jeans and boots that will look equally great for special occasions or leisure. One question must be asked here: What exactly should be done with the trouser legs? Should they be tucked into the boots or worn over them?

The cut of the jeans is the deciding factor for how they should be worn. Wide cut models can be pulled down over the shaft of the boot, while skinny jeans are tight on the leg and end at the upper edge of the boot or are worn inside the boot shaft.

Rolling them up is another handy trick: The trouser legs are rolled up to become shorter and nicely frame the boots. Skinny jeans are just the ticket here, and they look great with rugged boots.

Rolled up legs are also a great idea with sneakers or lace-ups – the ankles are revealed and the look highlights the shoes. A nice side effect is that it will make the legs look slimmer for men with broader thighs and it adds a touch of modern style to any look.

Alternatives to men's jeans?

When the temperatures start to climb in the summer, denim will warm the legs and make you feel uncomfortable despite the great weather. Even so, short men's trousers are generally a no-go at the office and special events, which means that a good alternative is needed.

Colourful chinos

A good pair of chinos will look casual, yet stylish and is the perfect choice for warm summer days. They come in a variety of modern cuts - some of which quite similar to jeans - but they come in a much thinner and more airy fabric. How about a pair of beige chinos, casually styled with espadrilles and a T-shirt? Depending on the dress code at your workplace, men's chinos might be a great alternative to jeans at the office.

Airy linen trousers

Skin-friendly, organic and comfortable: Linen trousers ensure natural heat exchange, which means you stay cool, no matter how hot things get. Light-coloured linen trousers look great with an airy T-shirt or a shirt. The perfect office look, without compromising on comfort and freshness.

Short trousers

When it comes to shorts, opinions tend to differ: For some, the idea of men's legs being out for the world to see is a truly horrible thought, but others see short trousers as a welcome way to cool off in the summer. They are a great choice for at home and for leisure activities - the only rule: you have to feel comfortable.

Tanned legs look great in denim shorts and these shorts go with virtually anything. Create a great look in combination with a simple shirt and sneakers or boat shoes – perfect for an outdoor picnic or a trip to town.

Wash them correctly – but how?

Who hasn’t been there: A favourite pair of comfortable jeans you’ve had for years keeps fading more and more after each wash and is starting to look a bit raggy. What some men can pull off as “vintage look" for everyday wear, might not always be a good idea for more sophisticated events.

You need to have a few tricks up your sleeve! Small stains are easily removed with a sponge or a tooth brush - no need to put the jeans in the washing machine. Airing them out or putting them in the freezer for a while can help get rid of unpleasant odours – the cold kills germs. And if they really do need a wash, then use a cycle at maximum 30 degrees and only wash them with garments of similar colour.

From light indigo to washed out grey and deep black: Jeans come in every colour of the rainbow. It is all a matter of taste: you might prefer muted colours or like to stand out in a crowd - nevertheless, vibrant yellows and reds are probably best kept for summer.

The darker the colour, the easier it matches with other garments: Black goes with everything and also makes you look slimmer.

If you think colours alone don’t make the garment, you might go for various washes, contrasting seams and eye-catching decorations for that extra highlight. Worn look jeans are gaining popularity among trendy men – but they are not appropriate to wear at the office or at special events.

Stretch jeans have a high elastane content, which makes them extra comfortable to wear. After all: no matter what cut, fabric or colour you choose - one rule applies to men and women alike: You should feel great in your clothes!

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