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Men’s accessories for a centre-stage look


From warm scarves for winter to belts that don’t just hold up your jeans, but improve your outfit: accessories definitely aren’t just for women. Men can also create a stand-out look with fashionable jewellery and practical fashion items. Men and fashion is no longer a contradiction – everyone can shine with the right tricks.

Styling and fashion for men made easy

Admittedly: Hair bands and glitzy earrings are probably more part of a woman’s wardrobe. However, formerly rigid boundaries in fashion are now becoming blurred and allow men to reach for more unusual fashion items. The market for men’s accessories is exploding: High-quality leather bracelets or simple rings can pep up the outfit and create little highlights.

But if you prefer a more classic look and don’t want to make any mistakes with styling, your best bet are the good old fashion accessories for men:

  • Scarves
  • Belts
  • Beanies, caps and hats

They create an individual look and can be perfectly adapted to clothing. Worn with a suit at the office or for a relaxing evening: There is no shortage of accessories.

Warm all winter long – how to wear a scarf

“But anyone can tie a scarf!” – that might be true, but whether it looks good is a different matter. This fashionable men’s accessory can quickly become a disruptive factor and cause the entire outfit to fail. It really isn’t that difficult: The scarf can be worn in three different ways to keep the cold at bay in winter.

  • Around the neck
    Sounds simple and it is: drape the scarf loosely over the shoulders so that the ends simply hang down. It won’t offer any protection against the wind and cold, but it does look fashionable and provides variety. With an open coat and a pair of leather gloves, you will be ready for autumn.
  • Loosely wrapped
    Great for protection against cold winds, the scarf is loosely wrapped several times around the neck. It’s best to leave the ends hanging down to create the appearance of length. With a very chunky knit, make sure you don’t create a big bulge that you disappear behind.
  • Loose loop
    The scarf is folded in half and put around the neck. You then thread the ends through the resulting loop and pull tight to keep your throat and chest warm. This method looks very stylish on men, even with a suit, and can be combined in different ways.

Under no circumstances should the fabric hang down to the ground or cover your entire front. Choosing the right technique makes scarves the perfect accessory for cold winter months and an eye-catching accessory for a plain coat.

What should you look out for when buying a belt?

We’ve all been there: After a successful diet, trousers that used to fit are suddenly too loose. While braces are a traditional solution and look very sophisticated with black trousers and a white shirt, the belt is a more popular alternative for men.

High-quality leather belts are best for securing the trousers at the hips and are also a fashionable accessory.

Make sure to choose the right size: Use a measuring tape to measure the area above the hip bones to find the perfect size. Simple belt buckles are the best choice for business, because they can be combined with any outfit and don’t stand out.

Which style is the best match?

Men should generally choose leather belts, because they look sophisticated and are easy to style. Fabric belts are better suited for leisuretime looks. The same rule applies for loud colours.

Generally speaking, belts and shoes should always match. We mean the material, the buckle and also the colour. While it is hard to go wrong with black leather, brown can be a bit finicky in terms of colour shades.

Cut your belt to size?

Despite careful measuring, it is quite normal for belts not to fit perfectly to the millimetre: You may have lost or put on weight or the belt hole is not in the right place. You don’t need much experience to handle a hole punch and add another hole where you want it. Now your jeans fit perfectly!

Accessories for a bad hair day

Hats are the perfect solution if your hair just won’t do what you want it to do. The right headgear will protect you against wind and rain, and can also double as a fashion accessory. For a more classic look, choose a simple hat with a brim.

Cosy wool beanies keep the ears and head warm, and create a trendy, casual look. A beanie looks sporty and can be a fashionable, head-turning highlight. Caps are always popular and they are also practical for shading your eyes against the sun.

What other accessories can men wear?

While necklaces and earrings are, for the most part, only worn by women, there is nevertheless a plentiful selection of accessories for men. Fashionable sunglasses or practical watches and bags – little details can show outfits in a whole new light and change the entire look.

It is important that accessories are used in moderation. The clothes should always be the focus of attention, with accessories added as highlights. It won’t do any harm, however, to push the envelope a little: How about a checked, knit scarf with fringes, worn with a black coat?

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