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The Good Cashmere Standard®

The Good Cashmere Standard®

THE GOOD CASHMERE STANDARD®: The world's first independent standard gives you the assurance that only wool from cashmere goats raised with species-appropriate husbandry is used and that social and ecological criteria are taken into account during production.

"THE GOOD CASHMERE STANDARD®" is the international animal welfare seal of the AbTF (Aid by Trade Foundation) and was developed with the participation of our cashmere experts. It is the first independent cashmere standard in the world that advocates the welfare of cashmere goats worldwide. It aims to promote the protection of animals and the environment, and to improve the working conditions of the people who work with the cashmere goats.

We set new standards

The Good Cashmere Standard® of the AbTF (Aid by Trade Foundation) sets new standards for the extraction and production of sustainable cashmere. The seal of approval follows three main principles: promoting animal welfare in the production of cashmere, supporting cashmere farmers to secure a sustainable source of income, and protecting the environment and nature. The standard was developed with the participation of our own cashmere expert, Heike Hillebrecht. In 2020 we were nominated together with the cashmere supplier Artwell for the German Sustainability Award in the “Corporate Partnerships” category.

Developed by industry experts

The Good Cashmere Standard® was developed with the participation of animal welfare specialists and industry experts. The standard is regularly checked and revised, taking into account the results of the audit process and new, relevant scientific findings. Individual criteria of this standard can be changed or specified more precisely outside of the formal review and revision process if difficulties arise in implementation, new technologies are available or new scientific knowledge is gained.

Unsurpassed softness

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Premium-Label: The Good Cashmere Standard®

Our premium cashmere is produced sustainably and in harmony with animal welfare. The unique quality of our cashmere remains unchanged - you can recognize it by the black seal of approval. It guarantees a fibre fineness of a maximum of 15.5 microns, a fibre length of 34–36mm and the exclusive use of fine fibres from white cashmere goats. Just look for the heart with the goat on a black background.

Everything for the welfare of the animal

Animal welfare is at the heart of the Good Cashmere Standard®; therefore the five freedoms as defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council are included. They demand that animals be free from hunger, thirst, suffering, pain, injury or disease. The animals should also be free from fear and stress and should be able to perform normal behaviours. The Good Cashmere Standard® can make a major contribution to improving the animal welfare of cashmere goats.

Side by side with our farmers

In addition to animal welfare, farmers must ensure that everyone who works with the goats is appropriately trained and competent. It is also required that agricultural practices protect the land and do not have a negative impact on the environment. In addition, the standard defines social criteria for both small and large farms. These criteria regulate issues such as the rights of children and workers, equality, correct pay, and occupational health and safety. By working side by side with the farmers, we want to achieve far-reaching, significant and continuous improvement.

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Love for the environment

Protecting the environment in which cashmere goats, farmers and farming communities live is one of the central goals of the Good Cashmere Standard®. One of its most important principles is that goat farming must not have any negative effects on the environment – especially on the land and biodiversity. The standard also contains criteria for the responsible use of fertilizers and pesticides, which clearly define when and how they should be used.

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