What are cookies?

We use so-called “cookies” on various pages in order to make our website more attractive to visitors and to enable the use of certain functions. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your terminal device and which store specific settings and details about your browser to share with our system.

What data is stored by cookies?

- save certain page settings on your device (e.g. language) to prevent you having to re-enter this information every time you visit the site
- save on your device data entered by you (for example, items in your shopping basket), so that this information does not get lost when you visit a different page
- anonymously measure how the website is being used (e.g. how often individual pages and products are retrieved and viewed) to allow us to adapt our services even better to the needs of our customers.
Cookies do not contain any personal data and cannot, therefore, be directly linked to any user. Please note that certain cookies are placed as soon as you enter our website.

What are the advantages of cookies?

You can use our website more easily and more how you wish when using cookies. With the aid of cookies, your PC will "note" which articles you have placed into the shopping basket for instance - even if you visit other pages in the meantime. Furthermore, you will see more articles that correspond to your previous purchasing patterns on the website. As a result, you will not have to search for long in order to find your favourite items and you won't miss any bargains.

How safe are cookies?

Cookies cannot cause any damage to your computer. They do not pose any sort of safety risk - e.g. through viruses or spyware. You can determine whether and to what extent you wish to allow the use of cookies on your PC. You can find out how to accept, refuse or remove cookies by using the help function of your browser. If your reject or delete cookies in your browser, it may be the case that websites are not as easy for you to use or are not as individually tailored as would be the case were you to use cookies.

How can cookie setting be changed?

Please note that certain cookies are placed as soon as you open our website. Cookies are only accepted by your web browser and stored on your computer if you have allowed this or if your browser has been set up to allow this.
We recommend that you allow the use of cookies on your browser to enable you to use our website as easily and as individually as possible. You can also use our website without cookies at any time, including to order online. However, this may restrict the functionality of the website.

Every browser is different in the way it manages cookie settings. The Help menu of every browser contains information on how to change your cookie settings. You can find this information for the relevant browser via the following links:

Internet Explorer™

Which cookies does PETER HAHN use?

More detailed information on the individual cookies we use is provided below.

1. Essential cookies
These cookies are necessary to allow our website to operate. Examples include cookies which allow you to log into the client area or to place items in the shopping basket.

Cookie name Party Purpose
Cartid First Checks whether the customer has already visited the shop. In the event that the check is successful, articles that have been put in the shopping basket but not purchased will be placed into the shopping basket once again.
Question First Checks whether the survey layer has already been displayed.
Favorites First Saving of the "note" data if the visitor is not logged in via "my account". The cookie is not used if the visitor is logged in.

2. Analytical and performance cookies
These cookies allow us to collect anonymised data on the usage behaviour of our visitors. These are then evaluated by us to improve the functionality of the website, for example, or to provide you with interesting offers.

3. Functional cookies
These cookies are used for certain types of functionality on our website, e.g. to suggest better navigation flows on our website and to provide you with personalised and relevant information (e.g. “interest-based ads”).

4. Targeting cookies
These cookies track your visit to our website, the pages that you visited and the links that you clicked on. We will use this information to tailor our website and the advertising that you receive, to suit your interests.

5. Third-party cookies
These cookies from some of our advertising partners help to make our internet services and our website more interesting for you. This means that cookies from our partner companies will also be stored on your hard drive when you visit our website. These are temporary cookies that are automatically deleted after a specified time. Cookies from partner companies are usually deleted after a few days or up to 24 months; in some cases they may remain undeleted for several years. Cookies placed by our partner companies do not contain any personal data. Only pseudonymous data is collected via a user ID. At no stage is this pseudonymous data combined with your personal data.
Some of the cookies used by us are deleted at the end of every browser session (i.e. when you close your browser). These are known as session cookies. Other cookies remain on your device and enable us to recognise your browser when you next visit (persistent cookies).

Cookie name Party Purpose
emos_session Third Checks whether the visitor already has an open session in order to prevent double tracking
emos_visitor Third Checks whether the visitor had already visited the page in order to prevent double tracking
emos_jcsid Third See emos_session
emos_jcvid Third See emos_visitor
test_cookie Third Checks whether the visitor has already visited other doubleclick.net pages in order to be able to assign the entries present there to them (for retargeting purposes)
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