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We are C-Lovers

We are C-Lovers

At PETER HAHN we are all great cashmere lovers. From our stylists to the purchasing staff to our accounting department, we just love cashmere. It's inevitable: anyone who has worn our soft cashmere is immediately in love with it.

At PETER HAHN we are all great cashmere lovers. From our stylists to the purchasing staff to our accounts department, we just love cashmere. It's inevitable: anyone who has ever worn our soft cashmere immediately falls in love with it. Just like Madeleine and Katrin. And those who have got to know how versatile cashmere is, don't ever want to wear anything else. Jaclyn, Carmen, Navid and Wendy can tell you about this first-hand.

A perfect match

These four couldn't be more different. But you can immediately tell that they all like casual, comfortable and sporty clothing. What you don't see: they got to know and love each other at PETER HAHN, and all had a really great day with our team at the photo shoot. They also now know just how exhausting such a production day can be.

Gorgeous grey

As a Hamburg boy, I like simple and timeless fashion. But of course simple and timeless fashion can be really special too. The Italians are my role models when it comes to this. From head to toe, Italians make sure that everything always fits and matches the occasion. Grey is definitely a combining-friendly choice of colour for a cashmere garment.

High energy

I was immediately hooked on this jumper. The rich Santa Claus red simply elicits a good mood and a feeling of freshness and happiness. You don't need a lot of accessories with this colour. But you definitely need cashmere! Because no other material gives me such a feeling of security and closeness to nature.

Enduring love

A life without cashmere is unthinkable for Tamara and Andrea. No other material is as versatile, natural and, above all, wearable throughout the year – from summer to winter. Added to this is the unsurpassed quality of our premium cashmere and its animal and environmentally friendly production methods, guaranteed by the THE GOOD CASHMERE STANDARD seal.

Dream couple

Our jumper quartet Jutta & Julia and Sabine & Susanne like sporty and comfortable fashion. The most important thing for all four of them is to feel good. So our cashmere jumpers come in handy: the feather-light, soft and cuddly garments are a must for any outfit. Jutta & Sabine like to play with contrasts; Sabine & Susanne love exciting compositions and textures.

Full colour boost

Soft, versatile, timeless, durable, chic – there are so many good reasons to fall in love with our cashmere. For these four, it was clearly the colour, too. By the way, the "precious fibre" comes to us before it is processed, and that is exactly what makes the difference. Because not all cashmere is created equal.


What do these 2 have in common? Their contagious cheerfulness, their knack for achieving a cool style where everything is just right, and of course their soft spot for cashmere. It's a luxury item for all of them, but – and they all agree on this – one that they can enjoy for a very, very long time. And they are happy to live with that.

Double luck

Jaclyn & Carmen have a very close mother/daughter relationship and similar tastes when it comes to fashion. So it's no wonder that both of them chose a cardigan. And they have always loved cashmere: so soft, so natural – simply a wonderful material! Wendy & Navid also love cashmere. They think it's just fabulous. Preferably in dark colours, they think it has a wonderfully calming effect: like a cosy cocoon that keeps the outside world at bay. As soon as they wrapped their little son in a big cashmere scarf, he was the happiest child in the world.

Love at first sight

"This warm cherry red, the cut, the soft feel – I fell head over heels in love. This jumper really is my favourite. It adds a wonderful splash of colour to my rather muted wardrobe. I feel very comfortable in it and am always stylishly dressed. I can only say that once you go for cashmere, you always go for cashmere."

The perfect all-rounder

"As the mother of a four-year-old daughter, I want comfortable and practical fashion. This casual cashmere jumper, a sustainable all-rounder, is just made for me. Nowadays, I buy with more awareness and it may cost a little more, but will last much longer."

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