I love Cashmere

I love cashmere: 100% cashmere – 100% luxury
I love cashmere: 100% cashmere – 100% luxury
I love cashmere: 100% cashmere – 100% luxury

100 % cashmere – 100 % luxury

Congratulations on choosing this premium natural product! Cashmere is an incredibly fine, light, soft and tear-proof material. It’s dense enough to keep you cosy in the coldest of winters yet pleasantly cooling in summer. With the right care, your favourite garment will last you a lifetime – and that’s a promise!

Cashmere care tips – to keep your cashmere beautiful for a long time

Only ever wash fine cashmere in the case of heavy soiling – otherwise, simply air the garment well after wearing, so that the fibres can recover. Wash it on the wool programme in the machine and spin briefly at a maximum speed of 600 rpm. Alternatively, you can wash it by hand at a maximum of 30°C. In any case, use a specialist wool detergent, without bleach, brightener or fabric softener, to preserve the natural protective layer of the fibres. After washing it is best to gently squeeze out the water and lay the garment flat on an absorbent towel on a clothes dryer to dry. Please do not lay it in the sun or on a radiator. When it's clean, store it flat in a cool, dark place, protecting it from unwanted pests with cedar, lavender or moth paper. Do not pull off any pills or bobbles, it's best to remove these with a cashmere comb.

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